Height: 5'3"/160 cm
Weight: 108 lbs/49 kg
Birthplace: Orlando, FL USA

Teri is from Orlando, Florida where she grew up in the shadow of Disney World. She even worked there one summer as a dancer. Teri took her dancing further when she was hired on as a background dancer for the likes of Beyonce and Britney Spears. She is now making a name for herself in the LFC. Her profile is that of an aggressive fighter who prefers a striking game over the ground. Naturally, a dancer wants to stay on her feet as she uses her fists to do much of the talking, at the expense of the opponents face.

The introductions into the cage are a huge part of any event, and Teri is known beyond the MMA world for her flashy and show stealing entrances. Time seems to stand still as she entertains fans and goes through a routine of incredible moves on her way to meeting the foe. She takes over the cage and finds a new use for it as her personal stage. However, once the battle has begun, Teri is all business and she delivers in a display of non-sop action. Teri is a true performer/professional, before and during any match.

Teri 'Feisty Fists' London WMMA Record

WinJenny 'Bloody' Valentine
LFC 25: Showdown At Sam's Town
May 18, 2018
Stream Online
WinVioleta 'Dark Force' Sunic
LFC 24: Eurobash
Oct 10, 2017
Stream Online
Leg Scissors Choke11:24
LossLauren 'The Animal' Fogle
LFC 22: Costume Brawl
Jan 13, 2017
Stream Online
Submission (Guillotine)1
WinLauren 'The Animal' Fogle
LFC 20: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Aug 8, 2015
Stream Online
Arm Bar1
LossRoxanne 'The Viper' Romaro
LFC 19: Hadden vs. Mei
Jul 11, 2015
Stream Online
Rear Naked Choke22:10

Teri 'Feisty Fists' London Videos

Teri 'Feisty Fists' London Images

https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon14.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon1.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon2.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon3.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon4.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon5.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon6.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon7.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon8.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon9.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon10.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon11.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon12.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/TeriLondon13.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/wiki_lfc25_40.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/wiki_lfc25_24.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/wiki_lfc25_31.jpg https://lingeriefc.com/wp-content/uploads/wiki_lfc25_28.jpg uploads/Teri London 2.jpg uploads/Teri London 5.jpg uploads/Teri London 6.jpg uploads/Teri London 7.jpg uploads/Teri London 8.jpg uploads/Teri London Violeta Sunic.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine 2.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine 3.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine4.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine5.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Jenny Valentine8.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Lauren Fogle 2.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Lauren Fogle 3.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Lauren Fogle 4.jpg uploads/Teri London vs Lauren Fogle.jpg

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