Height: 5'7"/170 cm
Weight: 110 lbs/50 kg
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY USA
Mona states that she does not have any traditional fighting experience (other than pushing and shoving her way around backstage at major modeling shows in New York). This Brawler is eager to learn Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, or any other fighting style made available to her. She doesn't hide the fact that she is applying to the UFC.

Her introduction into the LFC had some legitimate controversy. It had more to do with Pink Team coach, Joel Kane, than it did with Mona. Kane substituted her before LFC 23 for another Mona Jones, causing confusion and anger with her opponent and the coach of the Black Team, Leon Hater. Once in the cage, Mona showed a fearless and dominant approach to fighting, as she effortlessly delivered powerful kicks and slams. If she can deal with Joel's unorthodox coaching style, Mona might just show the fans that she is no substitute and is a real contender.

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Mona 'Jugular' Jones MMA Record

WinRaya 'Sugar Ray' Ryans
LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures
Jul 8, 2017
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Unanimous Decision33:00

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