Height: 5'1"/155 cm
Weight: 140 lbs/63 kg
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA USA

Valentine hails from the Steel City, where she worked in construction (when she was not in the gym forging an iron body). The blue-collar brawler is often the shorter woman in a fight, but never the weaker. She possesses a powerful punch and a fiery temper that often results in aggressive shifts of momentum during a fight. Jenny's had a lifetime ban from the LFC, but was mercifully lifted and she found herself welcomed back by the fans, and for good reason.

Jenny's fight game springs from her solid, physical base; her legs are powerful, and she does not have a problem in negating a difference in height. At times, it seems that she is just one move away from doing something epic in the cage, not counting the brutal but illegal knockout that led to her ban. Unfortunately a lapse in concentration usually befalls her. Yes, she has had a frustrating go of it in the LFC, but Jenny will do her best to find her way back into the cage and towards the belt. With the right game-plan for her size and strength, Jenny will get there.

Jenny 'Bloody' Valentine WMMA Record

LossTeri 'Feisty Fists' London
LFC 25: Showdown At Sam's Town
May 18, 2018
LossCali Cat
LFC 24: Eurobash
October 10, 2017
LossRiley 'Nuclear' Norris
LFC 20: A Midsummer Night's Dream
August 8, 2015

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