Height: 5'3"/160 cm
Weight: 120 lbs/54 kg
Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania
Andreea comes to the LFC from Bucharest, Romania where she was a member of the country’s celebrated Olympic Artistic Gymnastics team and competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She has trained in several martial arts styles including Karate, Judo and Jiu Jitsu, but is most versed in Wushu. Andreea began competing in amateur MMA events while still a member of the Olympic team (without the knowledge of her coaches) and went pro in 2012. 'The Storm' compiled a 10-2 record before coming to America for the opportunity to train at the LFC’s farm system in Topeka, Kansas. She impressed her trainers so much that they sent her straight up to the big league.

Andreea has her motto, 'Be Yourself' tattooed on one of her fingers and she stands by that short but impactful saying. That attitude is possibly the reason why she is so creative and fearless in the cage. Nothing seems to hold her true-self from making its presence during a match as she is able to effectively adjust and counter the offerings of her opponents. Fans are always looking forward to seeing her improvisational moves and are never disappointed. Andreea is a 'Wushu Nightmare' who prepares religiously for all of her matches and leaves it all on the mat.

Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi MMA Record

WinLauren 'The Animal' Fogle
LFC 25: Showdown At Sam's Town
May 18, 2018
Stream Online
LossJolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx
LFC 24: Eurobash
Oct 10, 2017
Stream Online
Split Decision
WinHolly 'The Lotus' Mei
LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures
Jul 8, 2017
Stream Online
Rear Naked Choke12:08
LossJolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx
LFC 22: Costume Brawl
Jan 13, 2017
Stream Online
Unanimous Decision3
DrawJolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx
LFC 21: Naughty 'n Nice
Aug 12, 2016
Stream Online
10-2 outside the LFC

Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi Videos

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