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Violeta 'Dark Force' Sunic

Height: 6'1"/185 cm
Weight: 154 lbs/70 kg
Birthplace: Zagreb, Croatia
Violeta is a powerful, 6’1” tall fighter from Zagreb, Croatia who has worked as a fetish model. Her opponents must keep their distance or they will find themselves overwhelmed by her submission skills. She is a passionate cat lover and often uses cat-like strategies in her fights. A popular alternative goth model, her nickname is a tribute to goth culture and she does seem to take up space within an ominous field of darkness.

If Violeta trains smart and learns to properly harness her strength, it wouldn't be tough for her to impose her unique brand of dark feline dominance on other fighters with a painfully deliberate fighting style.

Violeta 'Dark Force' Sunic MMA Record

LossTeri 'Feisty Fists' London
LFC 24: Eurobash
Oct 10, 2017
Stream Online
Leg Scissors Choke11:24

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