We're a female promotion company, hosting month-long virtual tournaments for 32 of our top prospects. Our tournaments are based on a 4-round, single elimination, bracket system. $1 to vote, most voted advance to the next round until there are only 2 finalists left. If a tournament gets over 4000 votes then the finalists will fight live on PPV. More ยป
Lingerie Fight League 6
August 1-31, 2022Tournaments
LFL 5: Fuller vs. Crusher
June 1-30, 2022Tournaments
LFL 4: Shakti vs. Monroe
April 1-30, 2022Tournaments
LFL 3: Brickhouse vs. Pixie
January 1-31, 2022Tournaments
LFL 2: Bathory vs. Lynn
September 1-31, 2021Tournaments
LFL 1: Madisyn vs. Rockafella
July 1-31, 2021Tournaments