Hello, my friends! I am Jenn Repp.  I was born and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada where there was little else to do than backyard wrestle with my 3 siblings. 2 boys, 2 girls, we were evenly matched and fought until someone cried... and often bled... Oops... sorry Mom!  In winter I love to snowboard in the Canadian Rockies, or if it gets too cold, escape and travel around the world! I am so grateful for the platform LFC gives to women to be free and safe to  feel sexy, have fun,  and show off our athletic talent! I love to lift heavy weights and when I’m not in the cage, you can find me in the gym or in front of the camera! Film and fitness are two of my passions in life and I am so grateful I get to share those with my LFC fans!  I’m proud to “Repp” Edmonton and I’m ready to show you why We are, and always will be, the “City of Champions,” and that I am, “The Real Deal!”

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