Raya Ryans

September 2020

LFC Fighters Promote LFC22 at Local Bars

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Several Lingerie Fighting Championships stars visit local bars to promote {LFC22} in North Dakota. {Teri London} and {Raya Ryans} from the pink team have a very positive experience filled with laughter and dancing while {Lauren Fogle} and {Andreea Vladoi} from the black team strike out and finish the night at each other's [...]

April 2020

October 2019

February 2019

LFC22 featured Raya ‘Sugar Ray’ Ryans making her LFC debut versus Roxy ‘Roundhouse’ Michaels

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Bout #5 of {LFC22} featured {Raya Ryans} making her LFC debut versus {Roxy Michaels}. Often ranked among the very best fights in LFC history, this one went the distance and could have gone either way. Ultimately, and as has happened in all her fights, the judges sided with future champion {Roxy Michaels}. Check it [...]

August 2016

Raya Ryans Nickname Contest

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  Calling all LFC fans! Meet the newest fighter just added to the LFC roster, {Raya Ryans} will be making her LFC debut shortly but can't do so without a kick-ass nickname! Got a great nickname suggestion? Submit your entries below and we will pick the best one. The lucky winner will receive Two Free [...]