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Rochelle 'Rampage' Rodgers

Height: 5'2"/157 cm
Weight: 140 lbs/63 kg
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA USA
Rochelle began wrestling as far back as the 4th grade and continued all through high school. This volunteer firefighter has spent the past 3 years training Ju-Jitsu in preparation for a career in MMA. Fighting out of San Francisco, Rochelle is confident that her grappling style, augmented by a discipline in Ju-Jitsu, will take the sport by storm!

She has an aggressive style that pushes the action. Rochelle compensates for her lack of height by getting the fight low and keeping it there. Fighters should be wary of an opponent like 'Rampage'. If she can control where the match is fought, her strength and training might dictate more than just the pace. It will dictate the outcome.

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Rochelle 'Rampage' Rodgers MMA Record

LossNatasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez
LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures
Jul 8, 2017
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Ankle Lock22:55

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