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Robyn 'Ruthless' Hawkens

Height: 5'4"/163 cm
Weight: 110 lbs/50 kg
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV USA
Robyn, who fights with a base in MMA, is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She took her nickname of 'Ruthless' from a character she played as a mud wrestler at a popular Treasure Island bar. Robyn is proud to say that her fighting style of 'pure aggression' is instinctual.

She trained hard for her debut at LFC 19 and came out fast and attacked her opponent right off the bell. Unfortunately, the reckless pace of the match did her in early by submission. Hawkens actually spent most of her time in the cage trading insults with a drunken fan before the fight.

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Robyn 'Ruthless' Hawkens MMA Record

LossLauren 'The Animal' Fogle
LFC 19: Hadden vs. Mei
Jul 11, 2015
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Arm bar12:22

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