LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S9E8

June 30, 2021|Categories: Exposed! S9|

In this episode, fans get their first look at {Danika Della Rouge}, as she takes on {Shay Mazzato} for the vacant LFC title. Danika brings an aggressive, [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S9E6

May 15, 2021|Categories: Exposed! S9|

This episode begins with the no-nonsense {Nilka Garcia} giving everyone the middle finger as she enters the ring. Her opponent, {Monica Garcia}, is not taking [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S9E3

March 15, 2021|Categories: Exposed! S9|

Female bonding is often made easier when it involves shopping for clothes, and that is just what {Teri London} and {Brooke Gilley} do during the [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S9E1

January 30, 2021|Categories: Exposed! S9|

Every new season of 'Exposed' is a reset to the LFC conversation, bringing the excitement of a recent event - {LFC30} - while positioning itself [...]