LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E7

January 13, 2021|Categories: Exposed! S8|

This episode starts off with an intimate look at a {Jolene Hexx} getting dressed in scale-mail, as she prepares to shoot the front cover of the calendar. Featured on the back cover is [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E6

December 31, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

This episode is centered on the final two months of the year. It is interesting to think if November's star, {Agatha Carter}, had been around to feast on Pilgrims during the [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E5

December 16, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

The calendar shoot for the month of September kicks off this episode with dueling fighters, {Tomiko Tajima} and {Gypsy Bae}, in costume and armed. Tomiko, who lent the use of her [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E4

November 30, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

{Lauren Fogle}, walking confidently into her photo shoot with Scott Berry, is the perfect choice to represent the month of July for the upcoming calendar. Her untamed personality is as amazing and [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E3

November 15, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

{Holly Mei} is the model for the month of May, choosing to emulate the iconic cover for the movie American Beauty. Watch as Holly, with a little help from {Andreea Vladoi}, covers [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E2

October 31, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

Looking like a couple of stars out of a western movie, {Jessie Santos} and {Teri London} strut onto the screen for the second episode of season eight. These two LFC standouts are [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S8E1

October 14, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S8|

The first episode of the eighth season opens with {Monica Garcia} driving up in her green Dodge Challenger for the new calendar shoot. Monica is once again the January model, but this time [...]