LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E14

September 30, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

The season finale opens with much anticipation around the title at LFC 29: A Hot Midsummer Night's Dream. {Andreea Vladoi}, having lost out on the European Championship to {Jolene Hexx} at LFC 24: [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E13

September 2, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Watch as two wrestlers, {Sybil Starr} and LFC first-timer {Gemma Giuliana}, face off. Sybil, still smarting from a loss to {Tomiko Tajima} the previous night, is looking for her first LFC win. The [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E12

August 15, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

We are on Fremont street for {LFC29}, at The Neonopolis. The episode opens with the fighters talking about an earthquake that was felt prior to the event, casting doubt about the fights going [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E11

July 15, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

This Episode opens with round two of the battle for the vacant belt between {Shay Mazzato} and {Monica Garcia}. With emotions already running high, it is obvious that things are going to get [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E10

July 6, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

This episode opens with a stellar match-up between the high-energy {Lauren Fogle} and the well-trained {Jessie Santos}. Jessie, still bothered by her altercation with {Leon Hater} at {LFC26}, enters the arena with [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E9

June 17, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Round 1 opens with the biting incident in the match between {Agatha Carter} and {Bella Ink}. The referee has no choice but to deduct a point from the 'Cannibal'. Round 2 opens [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E8

June 1, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Watch the fireworks for {LFC28} from the rooftop of the Seamless Adult Ultra Lounge. This last minute event caused fighters to change their holiday plans for a patriotic night of fighting. Two adult [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E5

April 15, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Tajima says the pressure is on due to Bella winning before her, having trained at the same time as her. Jenny was not impressed with Tajima's [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E4

April 7, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Big changes for {LFC27}. Maxine Frost was released from her position as President, replaced by Holly Mei. {Joel Kane} and {Leon Hater} were both absent. (Kane's whereabouts are unknown, but probably in a pool somewhere [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E3

March 17, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Jolene remembers how despite multiple reminders, she forgot her championship belt and had to run back to get it. And then talks about how she loved how the last event was at a bar [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S7E2

March 3, 2020|Categories: Exposed! S7|

Continuing from the previous episode where Teri was disqualified due to an injury, Teri is still upset over Jenn's gloating and still suspects Jenn was involved in the attack [...]