Michaels shocked some and only confirmed what others already knew: she is deserving of the championship belt. At LFC 25, Michaels courageously wrestled the title from Monica 'Flowerbomb' Garcia (16-5) in a battle that tested both their endurance and will to win. Her game plan was on full display earning a split-decision victory in a must-see match for the history books. Michaels possess the temperament and fighting ability to adapt to whatever comes her way in the cage; she bolsters her wrestling style with a very strong leg game that painfully wears down a fighter. The title belongs to her now and so does the number one ranking.

‘The Valkyrie’ is a mainstay of the LFC who has fought in six straight events and has shown a strong need-to-win mentality. She fell short in her first LFC match against the champion at the time, Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden (21-1), and even in losing, her fan base continued to grow. Jolene then ran into a Wushu nightmare in Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi (13-4-1), getting the better of her and capturing the European title in the process. With Krav Maga as her calling card, Jolene can take on all-comers. At LFC 25 she dispatched a well prepared and game opponent in C.J. 'Ice Cold' Kellerman (13-4), as she continues to make the case for being the best fighter in the league.

Monica literally exploded on to the scene with a performance as powerful as any that the world has witnessed. She deftly combined speed and strength in grabbing the vacant title in a frenzied match against Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (16-8), the woman responsible for retiring the legend and former champion, Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden (21-1). LFC 25 was not so kind to Monica, where she lost both her title and number one ranking. The loss of the belt came via a very close split decision, and she need not be ashamed of that. The ‘Flowerbomb’ remains a powerful force who will wreak havoc in the LFC, and she has every intention of getting her title back as soon as humanly possible.

4: Cali Cat (4-0)

Cali finds herself undefeated at 4-0 and has shown the ability to fight while injured; that in itself is a dangerous addition to her striking prowess. Cali has the size to dominate and is willing to use her legs to set up the rest of her game. A fight for a championship belt will happen sooner than later for this Californian. It is impossible to ignore a rising star such as her. Unfortunately, for her fans, she was not on the card at LFC 25, but her return to the cage is greatly anticipated.

Andreea is unrelenting in her creativity in the cage. Her fighting style, Wushu, encourages the mentality to improvise and to unleash an array of moves that leave the fan/viewer in awe. Her background in artistic gymnastics does not go to waste in the cage, because it gives her a platform from which to execute incredible maneuvers. Her ability to make quick adjustments during a fight makes her a threat to anyone on this list. At the most recent event, Andreea made quick work of Lauren 'The Animal' Fogle (6-4), knocking her out of the top ten in the process. Andreea looked very fit as usual and had an answer for everything that Fogle attempted.

Santos is a powerhouse who is not afraid to take a fight into the trenches. She is one of those fighters who prefers to grind out a match in a back-and-forth battle as she waits for her opponent to run out of responses to her bully like tactics. To her credit, she is gracious in winning as well as in losing. She trains religiously in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, and this may have contributed to her increased level of fitness. Jesse was in great shape at LFC 25, where she dismantled Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (16-8), both physically and verbally. The post-fight interview showed a brash side that makes her that much more intimidating.

Some people will doubtlessly find fault with including a controversial fighter like DaSilva on to this list; and as loud as those protests may get, there is no denying her this time around. Returning from a two-fight suspension, with the eye-biting incident still fresh on the minds of fans, Shelly found herself pitted against a dangerous foe in Allie 'Babydoll' Parks (17-9) at LFC 25. Her high-paced style can wear an opponent down and the constant attempts at submissions make her even more dangerous. Shelly is back, and the women of the LFC need to pay attention or else risk being caught off-guard by the mayhem she brings in to the cage.

Also cracking the top ten for the first time is ‘DSP’. Danielle has progressed steadily and is impressing fans with her ability to up her game at each new event. She is a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu who is determined to succeed in the LFC. She suffered a submission loss to Serina 'Honey Punch' Kyle (2-2) at LFC 21 but got the opportunity to avenge it at LFC 25. St. Pierre did just that, when she forced Kyle to tap out due to excessive and unanswered punches. This is a fighter that is growing confident and is making her training count. Fans are starting to realize that she is one to watch out for as the league moves forward.

Try to imagine Teri making one of her grand entrances in to the ring, as she now proudly enters the LFC’s top ten. This Muay Thai fighter had been trading wins and losses but now has a two fight win streak as LFC 25 wraps up. She used a creative, cradle submission to stop the hard charging and powerful Jenny 'Bloody' Valentine (3-3) at the most recent event. Teri is tenacious in the cage and is looking to prove herself among the best in the league.

This one is definitely a little tricky, and it may cause more disagreement than any of the previous spots, but Kellerman’s debut, even in losing, was interesting for what she showed and for what the future holds for her. C.J. came in very polished and ready/willing to mix it up from the start. She was not discouraged in going against a seasoned fighter, Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (21-6-1), who often intimidates with her lethal skill-set and verbal abuse. C.J. was fearless and pushed the action on her terms, until she got caught in a well timed armbar. Despite the loss, and against someone on the top side of this list, C.J. has that undefinable, winning quality that is equally elusive and prized in WMMA.

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    Fakenews. Cali Cat needs to be way higher on this list. Like number 2.

    Allie needs to be on this list as well, the last fight shouldn’ count for many obvious reasons. Hair pulling for one…

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    femdom, Cali hasn’t been active for a while – that’s why she is so low in the rankings. We’re hoping to have her on the upcoming card so look out for that! Thanks for the comment.

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