The latest edition of LFC’s Top 10 Rankings looks different from the previous list, and that is owed to the influx of new talent. The fact that some fighters and fan favorites are excluded is a product of recent events. It does not reflect so much on them as it does the need to reward the new additions to the league. A slight but fair nod to active fighters is inevitable. With two scheduled events later on this year, the opportunity to make the list again or anew is up for grabs.

10. Crystal White [0-0]

Taking down an ex-champion, especially one as tough and experienced as Shay Mazzato [0-0] earned Crystal the number 10 spot on LFC’s Top 10 Rankings. An imposing fighter with a powerful physique, Crystal made every bit of her LFC debut count. Her muscular build matched up well against Mazzato’s speed and agility, making for a great fight that could have gone either way. ‘The Fox’ tried her best to shift the tide in her favor, attacking White with her usual flair, but succumbed to a unanimous decision loss. Crystal’s intimidating size makes her a dream match-up against some of the heavy hitters in the league. Her focus is on winning the title at some point, clearly stating that as her main objective. We have a new contender in the midst of an exciting era and – the champions are on notice.

9. Monica Garcia [0-0]

Monica is a former champion who has stayed the course, trying to recapture what she wore so brilliantly: The LFC Championship Belt. Her power is on full display everytime she competes, she is deceptively quick and has the conditioning to go the distance. The great Jolene Hexx [0-0], has said that Monica is “unpredictable” in the ring and is not too keen on fighting her again – and understandably so. In their last meeting, Monica won by disqualification at LFC27 [0-0] in a brief, but action-filled fight with a controversial ending. In spite of a changing landscape, Monica is still a formidable fighter and capable of doing plenty of damage in the ring. If she stays motivated, she is bound to cause mayhem and fight for the title once again. ‘The Flowerbomb’ takes number 9 on LFC’s Top 10 rankings of April 2021.

8. Roxy Michaels [0-0]

This former champion – stripped of her title for a non-defense – is undefeated in the LFC at 4-0, holding victories over top competition including Monica Garcia [0-0], Jessie Santos [0-0], Raya Ryans [0-0] and Shelly DaSilva [0-0]. It was at LFC25 [0-0] where Roxy wrested the title from the brutality of Monica Garcia [0-0]. Yes, she has not fought since then and has seemingly found herself excluded from the conversation, but she is back and is ready to remind everyone that the title is still and always has been hers. Some might argue that she should get a title shot immediately on her return, and they may be right. Whatever the case, Roxy is back, and with a vengeance, to reclaim what she once worked so hard to achieve, and that is the LFC Championship Belt.

7. Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0]

Slithering into the top ten rankings for the first time is none other than Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0]. This honor is one of redemption and reinvention. Staying on point is not easy for Jenevieve who has switched from psychic abilities to a more traditional fighting style that is MMA. Like her signature python, Jenevieve has shed her skin and is a brand new fighter, back to her winning ways. In her last fight against Daisy Ducati [0-0] she saw an opening left by an overconfident opponent, and she capitalized, submitting Daisy with an inverted triangle choke early in the second round. ‘The Sorceress’ is back and fans will be watching her next moves as she climbs the LFC rankings in pursuit of the championship belt.

6. Bella Ink [0-0]

Another exciting fighter whose fights have never made it to the judges scorecard is Bella Ink [0-0]. She has made the difficult climb up the LFC ladder of legitimacy and is poised to score a win over a top tier opponent in her next outing. This lanky boxer has shown that she has staying power and is not intimidated by anyone, steadily improving with each fight. At LFC31 Booty Camp 2, she dismissed the very feisty Audrey Monique [0-0] early in the second round with a nasty scissor choke that forced her foe to tap. The only question that remains, who is game enough to step into the ring with this dangerous boxer from Nashville? We’ll have to wait until the next event to see!

5. Lauren Fogle [0-0]

This brawler from Philadelphia is a bully who is always pushing opponents to make quick decisions in the ring. In doing so, her fights always end quickly via submission. Lauren’s aggressive style of fighting is reflected in her record with all 7 of her wins coming by way of submission. She is not afraid to push the action and understands it puts herself at risk by doing so. ‘The Animal’ has never fought beyond the second round, usually departing the ring after a memorable finish. She finds herself at number 5 on this prestigious list because she has always adapted to the changing MMA landscape over the years. Her last two wins over Bella Ink [0-0] and Sarah Brooke [0-0] showed Lauren’s creative side and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. A reinvigorated Lauren is a dangerous Lauren. Is there a title shot in her future? Many would argue that in her favor.

4. Katie Forbes [0-0]

Katie, was so upset by her loss at LFC31 to Salina [0-0], that her screams reverberated throughout the entire arena. It was a close fight that ended up in the hands of the judges with her on the losing end of a majority decision. Making a case for Katie is not so hard, but there is no way to reverse what has already been filed away into the LFC archives. However, Katie – a fighter with so many moves and so much confidence – is still a huge part of the conversation going forward. Unlike the three ranked ahead of her, ‘The Bombshell’ is lacking a title. I would argue that she (as well as her fans) thinks that she has so much talent and star-power, that a belt may not be necessary to define an already spectacular career.

3. Salina [0-0]

The hype machine was in full force for the main-event at LFC31: Booty Camp 2, setting up a highly anticipated bout between Salina [0-0] and Katie Forbes [0-0]. And this pairing between two divas did not let down. Salina, in her LFC debut, did what she had to do in order to walk away with the W – and at times, stalling for precious time. Yes, the match was controversial, but in the LFC that is usually expected. With odds stacked against her, this fighter, in one night, reshaped the entire LFC landscape in her quest for MMA greatness. Salina, a young and rising star, is in possession of what she came into the LFC for, the prestigious Booty Camp Chain. This native of Puerto Rico is adept at trash-talking and she backs up her words with genuine skill, bolstering it with an undeniable passion for the sport.

2. Jolene Hexx [0-0]

Jolene, a Krav Maga practitioner from Salt Lake City is the perfect example of what the LFC is all about: The beauty and brashness of MMA. She has a complicated personality that can seem flirty and playful at times, disguising her true intentions. Jolene wants nothing more than to dominate and hold the top spot in a very competitive league. Possibly threatened by all the new arrivals, Jolene has stated that she wants “All of the championship hardware LFC has to offer.” After her decisive win against the very tough Shelby Paris [0-0] at LFC31, she called out the entire league and even singled out LFC CEO, Shaun Donnelly. With an impressive 3 fight win streak in a very deep pool of fighters, the reigning European Champ may just get what she desires.

1. Danika Della Rouge [0-0]

Sitting atop the LFC’s Top 10 Rankings is no easy feat, but the number one spot is deserving of that honor. Going from bell to bell, Danika gets the most out of herself and her opponents, contesting every second of every round. She is able to meld speed, creativity, and tenacity, exhausting herself for the sake of entertainment. The pressure exerted on her opponents is not easy for them to take because Danika sets a torrid pace that will test even the most experienced of fighters. She did not appear at the last event, LFC31: Booty Camp 2, but is eager to get back at it to defend her championship belt. Will things be the same for her the next time out? It will be interesting to see who will get a shot to dethrone her as the undisputed, regning, and defending champion of Lingerie Fighting Championships.

Honorable Mentions
Jessie Santos [0-0], Jenny Valentine [0-0], Veronica Payne [0-0], and Vita VonStarr [0-0].