With a rigorous schedule, taking the LFC through the fall, the rankings will be updated more often to cover the flurry of wins and losses to come. A slight but fair nod to active fighters is inevitable.

The LFC champion is the epitome of precision in the ring. Her calm exterior is not just a tool/weapon she uses to gain ground, it actually frustrates her opponents, preventing them from breaking through her steely composure. Add to that her quickness and deceptive strength, and you have a fighter with a tight hold on the belt.

The European title holder is a fan favorite, trash talking, Krav Maga specialist who is willing to cede momentum to fighters until she has had enough and turns the tide in her favor. At that point, it is usually game over, leaving only the referee and officials to sort through the aftermath.

3: Cali Cat (4-0)

The undefeated Amazonian is a LFC powerhouse, daring opponents to topple her. Her strength is two-fold, in that it allows her to navigate from both defensive and offensive postures. Cali has made short work of her opponents, building on both her record and reputation.

LFC fans have come to expect the former Olympian and Wushu Warrior to act fearless in the ring. Andreea is supernaturally light on her feet and quick to tie up fighters in punishing, creative holds. With a couple more wins, could there be a title shot in her future? It may happen soon, to the delight of everyone.

The newly crowned Booty Camp Champ earned the title by never giving up on herself and by believing that she is worthy of such a feet. This seasoned wrestler has made the most of her time in the cage, fighting the best in the league every time out. The potential to add to her championship is very strong; Allie has the tools to unseat anyone.

The former champion is on a two fight losing streak; her aura of invincibility has definitely taken a hit, but Monica remains a major threat in this league. Her skill set is too impressive to oust her out of the top ten. The power game is still there, and she is just as determined as when she proudly wore the title.

Considered one of the strongest women in the league, Santos appears on a mission to get the most out of herself. After coming in very fit for her match against Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (16-8), literally destroying her foe, she continues on that same path of physical preparation. All signs point to a title shot for someone who has fought to two current champions.

The most unmanageable fighter in the LFC is on a two fight winning streak, seemingly tightening up her game. Shelly finds opportunities for inappropriate behavior and does not hesitate to act on her impulses. However, when she focuses on the fight plan, Shelly shows fans just how purposeful and dominant she really is.

After one of the worst starts in the LFC, complete with a lifetime ban that the Prez Maxine 'The Boss' Frost (1-2) overturned, Jenny finally lived up to some of her potential. She was desperate for a win, and that was easy to see, but Jenny harnessed her power and plowed through the opposition. With a refreshing dose of confidence to aid her, Jenny may prove too troublesome for the competition.

The last spot on this list goes to a fighter with one win, albeit she has yet to throw a punch, attempt a kick, or go for a submission. Her opponent at LFC 26: Booty Camp, Teri 'Feisty Fists' London (3-3), entered the ring on an injured leg and unable to fight. As Repp awaited for the referee to sort out the matter and award her the victory, she stood in the cage, hinting at inflicting tremendous pain, not just on London, but on anyone on the roster, via her powerful physique. Look for her to move up quickly in the LFC.