Brutality is very erotic when it comes in the form of a pretty, 5’4. feisty, busty, innocent doll face. Ultraviolence on the mind since the age of 12 when my grandfather introduced me to Russ Meyer, now dishing out all I've had to learn, and loving every minute. Reaching purple belt in Karate (that’s practically black belt) as a child, earning the nickname ”The Hammerfist” as a tearaway teen, then a gym bunny and pole dancer during my stripper years, currently training in BJJ, Krav Maga and Freestyle Wrestling; getting physical has always been a vital outlet. On the leg press I lift 200kg and feel the power of those thighs during my favourite move; head scissors and my signature move "The Hammertime." Smaller than other session girls in London, my size works well for me; I’ll slip out of holds and wriggle between your limbs until you’re are choked by mine. My skilled and feisty nature takes over on the wrestling mats. My stamina will astound you and my passion and rage means I sweat, grunt and move like my life depends on it. It gets intense; I am feisty as fuck and utterly relentless.

Hometown London
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