LFC 18: Lace vs. Leather

LFC 18: Lace vs. Leather


Online Stream
Lingerie Fighting Championships 18: Lace vs Leather
RT: 87 minutes
Bonus Features: Music Video, Media Appearances, Trailers, Image Gallery

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Michelle 'Scrapper' Blanchard [1-0] Tara 'Guillotine' Gaddy [5-4]
Suzanne 'Hawaiian Punch' Nakata [9-7] Helen 'Ignite' Mei [6-3]
Jenevieve 'The Sorceress' Hexxx [5-3] Samiha 'The Goddess' Glam [5-4]
MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan [16-2] Sara 'Double' Dee [2-5]
Jody 'Conquering Angel' Connacher [1-3] Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden [21-1]