Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) announced today they will be doing 6 events at The NERD Las Vegas on Fremont Street. The shows will bear the Booty Camp brand after the league’s developmental league and will feature new fighters making their debuts against much more experienced LFC veterans.

“We have so many new fighters looking for a break we decided to design a show around them,” CEO Shaun Donnelly says. “At least a third of the fighters on a Booty Camp card will be stepping into the cage for the very first time.”

The league typically holds their events inside large casino venues like The Joint at The Hard Rock (LFC20) and sports stadiums like Hant Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia (LFC24) so doing a show in a bar is a bit of a departure for the controversial MMA league.

“We will still do a couple larger events this year but I wanted to find a smaller home in Las Vegas where we could do a regular schedule of events. Sort of a home base,” Donnelly says. And what made The NERD the perfect venue for an LFC show? “It’s a really unique bar that appeals to MMA, wrestling and even cosplay fans – our kind of people. And it also happens to have a MMA cage permanently installed!”

The first event, LFC26: Booty Camp will take place Thursday April 4 with subsequent shows on June 20, July 5, August 15, September 19 and a Halloween-themed show on October 30. Doors will be 7pm each night with the first punch thrown at 8pm.

The shows will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch in order to reach as large an audience as possible. Donnelly has not ruled out the possibility of also airing them later on the approx. 2000 cable & satellite systems that routinely carry LFC content.

Fight Starts at 8PM. See You There!