With a national PPV television deal under their belts, MMA’s most controversial league returns this Friday night with LFC18. Owner Roni Taylor promises a memorable night of fights. “We have some great match-ups.”

Taylor is mum on what many say was a tumultuous week at the league. With the sudden departure of coach Grant “Pops” Wilson, Taylor was scrambling to replace him just days ahead of LFC18. Enter former pro wrestler Arik Loegen. Word is he hasn’t exactly hit it off with some members of his team. That may put them at a severe disadvantage against long time LFC coach Jason Parsons.

The first bout of the night will see newcomer Michelle Blanchard [0-0] take on LFC vet Tara Gaddy [0-0]. Blanchard is a member of the Los Angeles lingerie football team.

“This is history in the making,” Taylor says. “She’s the world’s first two sport lingerie athlete. And she looks damn good in her lingerie, let me tell you.”

Gaddy is coming off a pair of wins following her devastating loss to Hadden that nearly ended her career. The 5’1″ fighter is at her best when she is able to take the fight to the ground. With her reach disadvantage a striking game doesn’t favor her. Despite her inexperience, give the edge to Blanchard.

The second bout pits Helen Mei [0-0] and her 6-2 record against Suzanne Nakata [0-0]. Nakata has made a stunning turn around, reeling off 8 straight wins after beginning her LFC career 0-7. Oddsmakers expect Nakata’s streak to come to an end against the much larger Mei.

Former team mates Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0] and Samiha Glam [0-0] will be fighting in a surprising move by the league. The pair are best friends and training partners but there will be no love lost in the cage. Serpentine boasts an impressive 5-1 record while Glam is 4-2. Both are coming off wins in LFC17. This one should go the distance, despite Serpentine’s prediction of a first round knock-out.

Fans have been critical of the league’s semi-main and main events. On paper they do seem like gross mis-matches.

The semi-main event of the night will see MaiNe Morgan [0-0] take on Sara Dee [0-0]. Morgan is 11-2 with 6 straight victories while Dee has a less than stellar record of 2-4 (although she is coming off a win in LFC17). Morgan is rumored to have suffered an ankle injury in training earlier in the week and this may give Dee at least a little hope. Aside from being injury prone – Morgan was forced to sit out 4 LFC events with a serious knee injury – there just aren’t many holes in her game. Dee, on the other hand, has been described as having a ‘pop-gun offense’ and ‘swiss cheese’ defense. Not a good combination. Give this one to Morgan. Early.

If the semi-main event is suspect, the main event is a joke. Undefeated LFC champion Feather Hadden [0-0] will take on Jody Connacher [0-0] in a match that has all the elements of a pre-meditated murder. A few months ago Connacher was a LFC ring girl. In her first three fights (losses to Cordell, Gaddy and Glam) Connacher has shown no signs she can survive an encounter with the Hammer let alone win.

Shame on the LFC and owner Taylor for not giving fans the fight they really want; Morgan vs Hadden. It’s time Morgan be given a shot at a title and be allowed to live up to her Main Event moniker.