5: MaiNe ‘Main Event’ Morgan [16-2] vs. Allie ‘Baby Doll’ Parks [16-8]

The fifth best finish on the list took place on foreign soil in Bratislava, Slovakia at LFC 24: Eurobash. MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan (16-2) was riding a nine fight win streak and looking for the tenth against a very tough Allie 'Babydoll' Parks (17-9) in the co-main event. The fight started at a fast pace and continued that way throughout the opening round. The two traded top-positions, in a battle to impose their different styles: a powerful Parks vs. a tenacious and speedy Morgan (who had to survive a guillotine choke in the closing seconds of the first round). Round two featured the same back and forth action, until Morgan delivered a fantastic finishing move. Her first attempt at a triangle choke was skillfully countered by Parks, but Morgan had the wherewithal to switch sides and locked in the submission, forcing the tap from a very game Parks.

4: Kris ‘The Raven’Blackwell [1-0] vs. Chloe ‘Ladykillah’ Cameron [0-1]

LFC 20: A Midsummer Night's Dream, is the debut event for both Kris 'The Raven' Blackwell (1-0), coming to us from Canada, and Chloe 'Ladykillah' Cameron (0-1), a native of San Diego, California. Blackwell outweighed her opponent by at least 20 pounds. However, Cameron brings to the fight an extensive combat resume that includes an undefeated high school career as a wrestler. Not lacking in confidence and used to winning, Cameron comes at Blackwell in round one and tried to take control of an opponent that’s much bigger and much more powerful. A close first round gave way to a memorable second. The size and strength of Blackwell finally maneuvered Cameron into an inescapable rear-naked choke. The refusal to tap led to the indelible image of an unconscious Cameron on her back, surrounded by officials and doctors.

3: Cali Cat [4-0] vs. Julie ‘Squeeze’ Ginther [4-3]

Number three, on our list of the best finishes, is a battle for bragging rights for two women from the Central Valley, Northern California. Cali Cat (4-0) hails from Fresno and Julie 'Squeeze' Ginther (4-3) is from Sacramento. The two of them seemingly destined to meet at LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures. Ginther, most likely motivated by the challenge, wastes no time in taking the fight to her opponent. Cali’s LFC dominance is seriously challenged in the first round by the bullying tactics of a fearless competitor. The undefeated Cali is very frustrated between rounds and making it known to her coach. In the other corner, Ginther looks unfazed as she discuss strategies with head coach Leon Hater. Things change very quickly after the break is over. Ginther, unwisely, went directly at Cali, and ended up face-down with her left arm across her back in a straight-arm bar perfectly executed by Cali. It makes no sense why she waited so long to tap out and it makes even less sense how her arm was not torn from her body. This finish is not for squeamish.

2: Feather ‘The Hammer’ Hadden [21-1] vs. Shay ‘The Fox’ Mazzato [15-6]

This fight, between Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden (21-1) of Burlington, Iowa, and Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (16-8) of Anaheim, California, is noteworthy for two reasons. The ending of this match is spectacular, but it is not the only finish that takes place here; Hadden, unfortunately, for her fans and for herself, retired soon after, due to old and new injuries sustained during the fight. Mazzato, making her debut and presenting the quality of someone unknown, proves that she is deserving of her title shot. Both fighters are very active in the first round, giving their best effort. However, it is obvious that the strength of ‘The Hammer’ is too much against her undersized foe. In the second round, Mazzato landed numerous vicious blows that gave the champion a bloody nose. Of course, Hadden responded with aggressive blows of her own, pounding her opponent with one hand, while choking her with the other. When Hadden began slamming Mazzato’s head into the mat, the referee mercilessly called and end to the main event of LFC 22: Costume Brawl. Hadden finishes Mazzato by TKO in round 2 in a fight that will go down as one of the greatest in LFC history.

1: Megan ‘Baby’ Doll [2-6] vs. Brenda ‘Juice’ Jones [14-4]

We went all the way back to LFC 19: Hadden vs. Mei for the greatest finish in the history of the LFC. Billed as the semi-main event, this match pitted Megan 'Baby' Doll (2-6) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, vs. Brenda 'Juice' Jones (14-4) out of Akron, Ohio. Megan stepped into the ring with an unimpressive record and a reputation for not being competitive. Jones came in as a former champion, having lost the belt to Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden (21-1). And not to be easily overlooked, but of Brenda’s six losses, two were against MaiNe ‘Main Event’ Morgan and one against the great Hadden. The first two rounds displayed the fighting spirit of both combatants; there was no shortage of punches, kicks, chokes, and creativity coming from both sides. The bout was close going into the third and final round. Would Megan be capable of more than her record indicated? Or would the former champion regain some of her former glory? Early into the action, Jones landed a hard right hand that turned Megan around, but the underdog saw an opening and delivered a perfectly timed spinning heel kick to the face of Jones, knocking her out cold. This is definitely a ‘best of knockouts’ on any list as Jones lay lifeless on the mat forcing the ref to intervene.

List compiled by CAM