This week’s featured fighter is Tomiko 'The Temptress' Tajima (1-4). Tajima made her debut at LFC26: Booty Camp where some of the most promising Booty Camp prospects were paired with established vets. Although she lost to Shelly 'Aphrodite' DaSilva (9-7), Tajima impressed so much she hasn’t come out of the line-up since. Each of her fights have gone the distance which viewed one way is impressive as it proves she’s difficult to keep down but on the other hand may show a lack of finish on the Vegas native’s part, something she’s likely to be wanting to improve. At LFC27: Sexy, Nerdy, Inked & Curvy she took Jenny 'Bloody' Valentine (6-4) all the way. At LFC28: Sindependence Day she picked up her first win, defeating Sybil Starr (8-5). And the very next night at LFC29: A Hot Midsummer Night's Dream she proved she can hang with a much bigger fighter in Jessie 'El Toro' Santos (12-4). Now that she’s gotten her feet wet, Tajima will look to begin adding more W’s to her current 1-3 record.