This week’s featured fighter is Bella Ink [0-0]. The Las Vegas boxer turned heads while training at LFC’s developmental gym in Topeka where she came to the attention of Coach Leon Hater who signed her to his team in time for LFC26 [0-0] (perhaps to keep her away from rival coach Joel Kane who has a thing for beautiful blondes). LFC26 was a unique event that paired promising newcomers with established LFC vets and Ink drew an especially difficult opponent in Jolene Hexx [0-0]. Given almost no chance against the reigning European champ, Ink put up a good fight and took Hexx into the 2nd round before submitting. Despite the loss, Ink proved she belonged and returned for LFC27 [0-0] (who better for a tattoo-themed event than Bella Ink?) Facing another LFC vet – and another hex – Ink defeated Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0] in the second round with a flurry of body shots that softened Hexxx up. Quickly becoming a fan favorite Ink fought on back to back nights at LFC28 [0-0] and LFC29 [0-0] losing to Agatha Carter [0-0] one night and defeating her the next.