First off thank you so much for your time, Angelica. It’s greatly appreciated.

No, thank you!

LFC (Lingerie Fighting Championships) is one of the most unique organizations to be apart of. We have stunning and beautiful women in lingerie and we have athletes with superb skill sets who know how to apply their craft. What gravitated you towards LFC? What attracted you towards the product and how excited are you to take part of it?

The first time I heard about LFC I was amazed, for me it was a brilliant idea. I immediately wanted to be part of it because I finally had the opportunity to put together my two best weapons: seduction and combat. The most dangerous of weapons for a woman like me. Having a fighter from Italy would be a great asset to LFC. Italians have graced all forms of combat, we have seen Bruno Sammartino in pro wrestling and Rocky Marciano in boxing. LFC has brought a lot to the international market in terms of prospects.

How does it feel to be reppin’ Italy proud and knowing that such a big market for international exposure is showcased in LFC?

For me it really is a unique opportunity, but I am so busy with my workouts that I don’t have much time to think about it. I’m preparing to be the best, I want the organization to be proud of having chosen me and I want all my compatriots to be proud of me.

Regarding your Instagram, it showcases beautiful imagery through the internal and external beauty that you possess. Modeling is an artform and it’s great to see beautiful women showing their grace and talent. What drove you towards modeling and how amazing is it to see modeling of all forms being prominently featured, especially in the plus sized modeling field?

I am very casual in front of the lens, this also depends on the fact that I am an actress and I can convey emotions and sensations through my poses. It is a kind of innate ability, even if many things are learned over time by doing them – like all things I guess. I like women with curves, even if I’m now preparing for competition, I am trying to keep some roundness and a harmonious shape while I am defining my body… I really like the process!

You have been a part of films such as Side Effect and The Inspector Shadow. You are simply a jill of all trades with ambition and an overall work ethic to be admired. Tell us about acting in front of the screen and behind it and how you got involved in producing?

I am not only an actress, but I am a producer and an executive producer. I don’t always act in the films I produce and I don’t always produce the films where I act, but I can keep things well organized to follow the production. I have been doing this for many years, it was my main activity before choosing to become a professional fighter. Did you know that I also produced and acted in the United States? It’s strange now to come to the United States to fight. I love my life. I am a person who lives on passions and this makes my life extraordinary.

Lastly, please promote the forms of social media where people can follow you and do you have any finals words for The LFC faithful?

They can follow me on Instagram at: @angelicakodue I want to tell the LFC and the LFC fighters that I was born to fight, I’m not coming to Vegas to play the casinos, I come to win.

As I always say, Beauty Strength and Dominance, the three key elements that make women the work of art that they are, and I include you in those sentiments Angelica. Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you for this beautiful interview.

An exclusive Q&A by Mike Larkin. Thanks for reading.