14 fighters will enter the arena, but only 7 can leave victorious. They will leave it all in the ring at LFC35: Booty Camp 3D, live on Halloween. This is one event you won't want to miss!

Main Event

La Scorpia vs Vulcana
La Scorpia

La Scorpia is a veteran warrior who owns a wrestling school in Los Angeles. She is front and center in bringing the next generation of fighters to the forefront, giving back an incredible amount of knowledge and energy to her sport. Her experience ranges from running shows, production, marketing, and of course, fighting. She is a master of Lucha Libre, drawing from the Mexican style of wrestling. Her life is immersed in the ring and representing the art of wrestling. Romo does indulge in some fandom of her own, though. She loves football, especially the Las Vegas Raiders and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Look for this stand-out to make a splash in LFC.


Hailing from East Los Angeles, California, Vulcana wears her neighborhood pride every time she steps into the ring. She might be small in stature, but has a heart the size of an erupting volcano. This fiery Luchadora loves and lives to fight, refusing to back down from any challenge. With her vast array of Lucha Libre submissions at her disposal, she makes for a formidable and sexy opponent. Vulcana takes pride in being a masked wrestler, keeping the tradition alive. She knows that her style of fighting can easily throw off even the most difficult of opponents, giving her an advantage in a league deep with talent.

Semi-Main Event - LFC Madness Finalists

T'Bella Madisyn vs Bella Rockafella

T'Bella started out in California but now resides in Orlando, Florida. She's always looking for a fight while looking cute and sexy doing it. This stunner started to train in kickboxing and taekwondo at an early age and has added MMA to the mix. Her favorite striking technique is the tiger claw, and she uses the infamous crane-kick as a bout ending finishing move. Her energy radiates as does her enthusiasm. Talking about the secret to her charm, she says, "I have an addicting personality and am crazy AF!" T'Bella is perfectly suited for LFC glam, winning over coaches, judges, and fans in the process.


This self-described 'Hell-Bomb' was born in South Africa, but now calls Omaha, NE her hometown. After an abusive relationship, she felt a strong need to get her aggression out, Bella started to train as a kickboxer, rounding out her MMA skill set with some Jiu Jitsu. Aside from the violent theme of competition, her life takes a creative turn -- she likes to write, sing, and is deep into fashion design. Bella proudly claims, "I'm more than just a hot girl in lingerie, I'm hella smart."

Bout 5

Veronika Valentine vs Bella Ink

Tell Veronika that she is the underdog, and she will thank you. This former pillow fighter relishes in proving others wrong, surprising them with her unexpected strength and perseverance. Veronika knows that this business requires determination and the willingness to get dirty if needed. She calls herself a lady outside the ring, but inside she always works hard to get the job done. Training with the legendary Dan Severn in Coldwater, Michigan, gave her career a firm base in MMA. This fighter takes pride in knowing that even if she loses, you can bet the match was competitive. One special feature she brings is that she likes to talk serious trash against her opponents. Veronika has come to the right place for that.


Bella, who is proud of her background as a street fighter, calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. This well-traveled member of the Black Team trained as a boxer, but has since developed some serious MMA skills. Ink likes to speak bluntly and is quick to settle her differences inside (or outside) the ring. In high-demand as a session wrestler and a star of custom videos, Bella is no stranger to hard work. Operating at the highest level of confidence and sex appeal, this trash-talking stunner is not afraid to take on the very best in the league. Her ultimate goal is to take the title, proving to all that being a badass has its rewards.

Bout 4

Teri London vs JoJo Hamner

Teri is from Orlando, Florida, where she grew up in the shadow of Disney World. She even worked there one summer as a dancer, getting her first taste of the entertainment business. Teri took her dancing further, working as a background dancer for the likes of Beyonce and Britney Spears. She has made a name for herself as a fighter known for her elaborate entrances. Time seems to stand still as she entertains fans and goes through a routine of incredible moves on her way to meet her foe. Naturally, this dancer wants to stay on her feet, as she uses her 'Feisty Fists' to do the heavy work. This member of the Pink Team is proud to represent the LFC in whatever capacity beckons her selfless abilities.


JoJo proudly states that she hails from the Dirty South. But his leggy stunner who enjoys relaxing at the beach now calls Las Vegas home. She’s a burlesque dancer and showgirl on the Vegas strip, dazzling fans and patrons with her incredibly flexible moves. Yes, she looks like she belongs on 'Dancing With The Stars' instead of a ring, but she is more than comfortable trying to tear an opponent to pieces. JoJo is in the LFC to prove that dancers have the athletic ability to seamlessly transition into the world of MMA.

Bout 3

Sarah Brooke vs Chakira Sosa

Born in Montreal and raised in South Florida, Sarah has a genuine love for competition against both men and women. She played water polo in high school, finding herself in multiple pool fights because of the dirty tactics used on her by the opposing players. It was in the pool where she found a love for combat. She has worked as a model, a session wrestler, a cat fighter, and is now giving it a go as an MMA fighter. The adrenaline rush she gets from fighting keeps her motivated to get better. Brooke has a dedicated legion of fans who are behind her as she sets her sights on conquering the world MMA. The LFC welcomes both Brooke and her fans, providing the perfect outlet for her aggressive side and indomitable enthusiasm.


Spotting this Amazon is not difficult, when her stats read: 5'11" and 180 pounds. Calling the tough streets of Baltimore home, Chakira brings some of that gritty attitude into the ring. She started training and fighting as a way to achieve peace of mind, believing that being fit and battle ready is a good way to go through life. Sosa is always in the gym, tirelessly preparing for the day she reaches her goal of becoming the LFC Champion. She sums up herself by saying, "I am a lady, but I am a savage." Give this Amazonian wrestler credit for warning people before she arrives and attempt to take what is rightfully hers - LFC gold.

Bout 2

Veronica Payne vs Lauren Ceccarelli

Veronica, coming to the LFC from Boston, MA, is no stranger to inflicting pain. In high school, she participated in kickboxing, that is where she developed a taste for violence. For her, transitioning to professional wrestling was the obvious choice after graduation. Veronica has also trained in hand-to-hand combat while working as a stunt woman in Hollywood. Not only is she agile and quick, her defense is impeccable -- as we saw against Jenny Valentine at LFC31: Boot Camp 2. With so much to keep her busy, Veronica still finds the time to train, devoting regular time to weight-lifting, cardio, and MMA. The VP has gained some success in LFC and will continue inflicting pain on anyone that dares to go toe-to-toe with her.


Lauren grew up in a family of fighters, where her dad and brothers were in the Marine Corps, feeding off the competitive vibe they brought home. Honoring her mother's wishes, she studied ballet from an early age through high school. It did not take her long to make rivals and enemies out of her fellow dancers. She later developed a taste for aggression and discipline, understanding that both can work in concert. A dedicated cosplayer and world traveler, Lauren found her true-self on one of her adventures and finally started to get in touch with her fighting spirit. Her path led back to the Bay Area and to wrestling schools that honed her fighting instincts. Lauren is not big on fake smiles and says, "I am an island, but I am a friendly island."

Bout 1 - LFC Madness 2 Finalists

Sheena Bathory vs Shay Lynn

The anticipation for Sheena's LFC arrival has simmered long enough. After being forestalled, 'The Hungarian Hurricane' is now a proud member of the league. With her, she brings a rabid fan-base that wants to see her destroy whatever or whoever gets in her way. Sheena is constantly upgrading her physicality and her MMA skills, developing something formidable, all-encompassing and tough to beat. Her strength is legendary and the stories of what she can lift are well-known. This athlete brings a sense of purpose with her, zeroing in on not only the competition, but on the titles and accolades. The LFC is the perfect fit for her outsized presence and enthusiasm.


Shay brings a high-powered, glamorous persona into the league. Joining other glam divas who make a living doling out abuse with fists and kicks. She is Miss Nude World Entertainer of the year, Miss Exotic United States, and to add to an already impressive resume, a former Playboy Playmate. She is obviously beautiful and has a mesmerizing charm that comes naturally to her. Shay is not here for a beauty contest in lingerie, she is here to show the world that she is a fighter who is willing to take out the competition at all costs. This is another fabulous addition to the world of LFC.

LFC35: Booty Camp 3D
Sunday, October 31, 2021
7pm PT / 10pm ET
FSW Arena, Las Vegas, NV USA

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