Not much information is known about the fighters and there is hardly any fight footage. The matchup consists of two new draft picks: Agatha Carter [0-0] and Tasia Lockran [0-0]. I thought that this was going to be an easy interview, I did not have a clue what difficulty awaited me from just one of the fighters.

There are a couple of disconcerting rumors surrounding Carter, but my intention was to stay away from them, at least until the moment seemed right. She was very gracious in answering my questions and did so quickly. Agatha is 5’7″ and weighs 130 pounds; her background is in Boxing/Jujitsu, which I consider a lethal combination just on its own. She claims her leg scissors are powerful and says no other women (or men) can withstand them. Carter is originally from somewhere in California, but did not specify. No big deal. I asked her what was important to her as a competitor and now as a member of the LFC, she answered, “I have trained in various martial arts my whole life; I try to follow the warrior’s code.” A great answer, I thought. Good sportsmanship is vital and sometimes lacking in MMA.

Agatha Carter [0-0] ready to show the world why they call her ‘Cannibal’ when she makes her MMA debut at LFC 25

She excitedly sent me a video of a recent training session. Let’s just say she has some peculiar ring manners and is very aggressive at times.

Things began to deteriorate when I asked her about her opponent, Lockran.

“So,” I said, “anything to say about Tasia?”

“I know that she is a gymnast; she is only 5’0″ and I outweigh her,” she said.

“How do you feel about competing against her and do you have a game plan?”

“I want to destroy her!”

Maybe, that answer is just about being positive and has more to do with wanting to win than actually hurting Lockran, but I immediately went and looked over an email I received from someone with a few tidbits about Carter. I am not going to name the person, there is no need to bring harm to others.

Apparently, Carter is a German Pagan who participates in heathen cannibal rituals. During a fight a few years back, she found herself tied up really well by her opponent, in a match Carter did not want to lose. With little chance of escaping from the hold, she did what came naturally to her and bit into the woman. Agatha pierced the skin and tore off some flesh from an undisclosed body part. The last rumor has to do with Agatha going dark, that is, she suddenly goes silent and has nothing to say, but this is where she is at her most dangerous.

My truest intention was for the safety of Lockran and that of the other members of the LFC. If Carter is a legitimate threat to use such means in the ring, she will most likely be banned, but someone may still get hurt. I asked Carter about the rumors I just described. Her response took some time, but she did, it was clear to see that the rest interview is heading down a dark path.

I asked, “What was the undisclosed body part you bit into?”

She responded, “Why do you need to know what I did prior to joining the LFC?”.

I pressed a little more and she told me that if I am anywhere near Sam’s Town on the night of her fight, she was going to stab me in an undisclosed body part with my pen. When I told her that I did not use a pen, but wrote everything on my laptop, that pretty much ended things. It was at this point that she threatened me with sending some of her pagan friends to meet me there. I sent one last email and asked her if she understands that I am only doing my job. No answer. I nearly sent one last message to ask her if she had officially gone dark now, but fearing for my safety, decided not to.

Whether the rumors are true or not, I have no idea; she may just hate to lose and will do whatever it takes to win. Part of me thinks that Joel Kane deserves to have a person as difficult as this on his team, but do I really want to see Joel in a situation where he angers a cannibal? Maybe, but do I want to see Joel hurt? Of course not.

Tasia Lockran [0-0] looking to make a statement as she steps into the cage at LFC 25

Tasia ‘Thrash’ Lockran never got back to me. Maybe, she is lying low and coming up with a devious plan of her own. As a former acrobat/gymnast, who considers herself a brawler, she will likely use her strength to pin Carter into a hold that might cause the ‘Cannibal’ to resort to illegal/immoral behaviors that I mentioned before.

In case Carter is reading this, I want her to know that there is a much saner version of ‘March Madness’ going on compared to her fight at LFC 25; serving myself up to a cannibal is not an option. Go State! However, I actually might surprise myself and build up the courage to show up. This card is exciting from top to bottom.

#LFC 25: Showdown At Sam’s Town will be available on PPV and more than 2000 cable & satellite systems starting May 18.