The LFC returns with an ambitious lineup of events that will challenge fighters and excite fans. Be prepared to see more than a few new faces from the Booty Camp farm system. The rookies have arrived in search of recognition and stardom. Plus, in a surprising company first, we’ll be introducing “Ring Boys” instead of “Ring Girls” for LFC26 [0-0].

Having men in between rounds is about keeping up with the times; management wants to focus on inclusivity and gender equality. Our entire roster comprises of attractive ladies, why not mix it up a bit? You can take at face value, but you can’t deny that the LFC is brash and forward thinking; forging history and trailblazing like no other. This is not the first time a man has served in this capacity; Elias Theodorou acted as “Ring Boy” for Invicta FC 28 just last year. The pros and cons were many, but at the end of the day, the fights went on and fans agreed, that Elias did justice to our great sport of WMMA. Well done! Maybe seeing both sexes between rounds will be such a common sight that one day, the job title will change to “Ring Person”.

An excerpt from LFC’s most shared article, Breaking through the glass ceiling:

Women have ceaselessly pounded against the proverbial glass ceiling, chipping away at it and starting to puncture through with determination. In spite of intractable opposition from the ideologies of bygone eras, such as the feminist movement of the 60’s, a new wave of feminists are on the rise. Under the banner of oppression, unequal pay, unequal opportunities, and sexism. The blame is placed at feet of the patriarchy, hypothetically holding women down. However, we for one, see it in another light. Ever since the invention of the pill, the tampon, and labor saving appliances, it has partially (if not completely) emancipated women, leveling the playing field. The radicals never seem to point out the fact that there has never been a better time for women. Being an all female league, we promote femininity by accentuating sex appeal, comparable to how men accentuate masculinity. We are what your women (or you) should aspire to be, the highest ideal of the human form.

To most people, even the casual observer, the LFC has always felt like a family; one that bickers, disagrees, befriends, but respects each other passionately. Ultimately, it is the female family members that will approve or disapprove of allowing more men on to their turf. Of course, I expect some conflict, and that is why I want to recommend, in the spirit of fair-play and while the moment seems right, that management welcomes female referees into the league.

In total, six events scheduled in a seven-month period. All the cards will take place at The NERD on the historic Fremont street in Las Vegas. This is a thrilling time for management, both teams, those fortunate enough to attend the matches, and for those watching the live stream all around the world. In the abstract, it looks like business as usual for a combat sports league, fighters doing what they signed on to do, but the reality is much different. There is definitely a possibility that some outcomes will alter reputations, futures, and status in unexpected ways. So many fights packed into a short amount of time, unheard-of in the LFC, is going to wreak havoc on bodies, rankings, and egos.

Doubtlessly, these women are all professionals and can handle the changes thrust on them, but even the most battle tested warrior is not immune to the uncertainty that comes with facing a novel, hungry opponent who is looking to make a name for herself by knocking off an established pro from her perch. Those who are consumers of all that the LFC has to offer, know that oversized egos are a central feature of some fighters. This brave new direction for the league is bound to set things ablaze. The stakes, regardless of whether a title is on the line or not, or whether it is rookie vs. rookie, have soared; the potential for disappointment as well as stardom is higher than ever.


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