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Lauren Fogle [0-0] is chomping at the bit to get back in the cage. Nicknamed “The Animal”, Lauren is a fierce competitor that always wants to prove that she’s the best. Currently sidelined with an injury, its been hard for her to stay patient as she waits. “I’m coming back in the Spring,” she says confidently but she acknowledges that the wait has been too long for her liking. Her last outing was a loss and that has been even more reason for her to want to get back in the cage. “I want to get back in there and beat a bitch up. That’s what I do. I got caught in my last fight. It happens to the best of them. Next time will be different and I’ll have my hand raised.”

Widely regarded as the best athlete in LFC, Lauren has a lot going for her. A two sport athlete (she also competed in the LFL – Legends Football League), her beauty, confidence and attitude make her a fan favorite. Lauren’s also not one to shy away from exposure. On the contrary, she invites it. “I know what I bring to the table and who I am. I’m not going to change myself. People can love me or hate me – I don’t really care. But they’ll definitely watch me.” Her style of fighting, highlighted by her “The Animal” nickname, her sensual entrances, scintillating photoshoots and controversial personality have made her one of LFC’s most recognizable star. She disagrees with that “No, I’m LFC’s most recognizable star. Not one of, but THE MOST,” she adds with plenty of emphasis. Website traffic and google search results do corroborate her claim.

Lauren has had her fair share of controversies. Two of the losses on her record were Technical Submissions – the referee called a stop to the fight even though she never submitted. “What the hell’s a Technical Submission?” she asks, the memory still making her furious. “I was winning both fights and I was never going to tap to those. That referee just doesn’t like me,” claims Lauren. Her frustration could clearly be seen when she shoved the referee after the fight was called in the second of those losses. The shove was seen by many of her colleagues as unprofessional and only added to her reputation as a bad girl. “I’m a bad girl for protesting a stupid decision? I got screwed in both fights and I let it be known. If that makes me a bad girl, I don’t give a you-know-what,” says Lauren. In fact, she seems to be warming up to the idea of being a bad girl. “I know what I want and I’m going to get it, no matter what. I’ve always been a bad girl, now that I think about it. I’ve always been doing whatever it takes to win. Winning is all that matters to me. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Wait till my next fights – you’ll see a side of me you’ve not seen before.” That sounds ominous but only increases the anticipation for her next fight.

Lauren’s larger than life persona is on full display for the world to see, and it’s evident, that she’s always dressed to kill…

Lauren’s also obsessed with getting better. She’s been training like, you guessed it, an Animal since her knee injury. “This is just a slight setback,” she says. “I’m taking this time to get better and to come back stronger. The injury’s been a blessing in disguise. I have to learn to be patient and never give up on my dreams in the meantime.”

However, one thing is for certain, that Lauren Fogle Version 2.0 is going to be a buzzsaw. “My comeback’s gonna be epic.” And what’s her motivation, you may ask. “Honestly, that’s the wrong question,” she corrects me when I ask her. “The right question is, who’s my motivation? And the answer to that is quite simple. Its me. I’m constantly working to be better at who I am. Every morning, I wake up and look at myself in the mirror. And I tell myself – that’s one fine ass bitch right there. But I promise myself, when I go to bed tonight, I’ll be better than the one that woke up this morning.” Her psyche’s quite clear from this and honestly, who’s going to question her? It’s best to end with this quote by her: “I’m a bad bitch and I love myself. I want to be the best and I won’t apologize for that. Well behaved women seldom make history. Lauren Fogle’s here to make history and this bitch misbehaves a lot!”

Article by John N.

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