You did such a great job helping Mia pick a nickname we’re asking for your help again. After debuting last year at LFC30 [0-0] as a ring girl, Mai Richards [0-0] is trading in her ring cards for gloves and making her MMA debut at LFC Sturgis but she needs a nickname. So give us your best suggestions in the comments below and if Mai picks yours you’ll receive a prize package including an autographed poster, a LFC Sturgis t-shirt and a free link to watch the PPV’s and see the former Sturgis Buffalo Chip poster model get her fight on!

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  • Chris PickleDick
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    I’m just going to copy my favorite nicknames from you guys here :)

    The Ravishing

    Mai “Oh Mai” Richards

    The Rebel

    The Ravager

    The Raider

    The Money Maker




    Roy H
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    Mai “Favorite” Richards

Viewing 2 posts - 13 through 14 (of 14 total)
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