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LFC Madness 1 gave fans and voters an exciting run to the finish. Leaving us two worthy contenders with great LFC sounding names. T’Bella Madisyn (0-0) takes on Bella Rockafella [0-0] in a seemingly predestined battle of future LFC stars.

‘The Rebel Princess’, who has tendencies that lean towards the bratty side, trains in Kickboxing and Taekwondo. She does not act like a rookie stepping into the spotlight for the first time, stating that she wants to fight the best fighters to collect some of their hardware. This half of the LFC Madness winners is training hard and looks fantastic, setting herself up for her LFC journey, and taking guidance from her coaches.

Looking just as stunningly impressive and standing in opposition to her opponent’s LFC plans, is the other Bella. This one is a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu who also comes to the LFC with aggressive tendencies. This smart blonde with a love of music wants to inflict pain on her competition. Using the most vicious of finishing techniques that some might consider illegal. The self-described ‘Hell-Bomb’ wants to carve out some LFC space she can call her own, rewarding the fans that voted for her. The anticipation for this match is insanely high. Unfortunately, one of these darlings is going to lose, and possibly catapulting the winner into LFC stardom.