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Due to injuries, fight cancellations, and refereeing duties, Teri London [0-0] was inactive for over three years. She made her return to action at Sturgis, having mixed results in two bouts. Teri easily submitted Jesabela Marie [0-0] in one round at LFC33 [0-0] but at LFC34 [0-0] she lost to the tough Mia Annabella [0-0] via submission in the second round. Teri is back once again and must prove she is ready against a potential upstart in JoJo Hamner [0-0]. London is very experienced and is a veteran of the league, starting as far back as LFC19. We’re now approaching LFC35 and she needs to solidify her path once more, avoiding irrelevancy in a league deep with talent.

JoJo Hamner is another first-timer with a hostile vibe. A resident of Las Vegas who proudly claims that she hails from the dirty south. Much like Teri, Hamner is a fighter with mad dance skills, bringing an astounding amount of charisma and flexibility into the ring. JoJo, a burlesque dancer and showgirl on the Las Vegas strip, aims to prove London wrong by taking the fight to ‘Feisty Fists’ and getting her first MMA win in the process. Will London’s Muay Thai be enough to withstand Hamner’s ground-game? Which dancer is better at hitting their mark in the ring? Fans will find out soon enough.