MMA’s most controversial league debuts in April on more than 100 cable systems across the country. Lingerie Fighting Championships – or LFC for short – is expected to be one of the hottest PPV and VOD properties of the year.

Creator and executive producer Shaun Donnelly explains the casting process, “Despite what some people might think, we didn’t just cast based on looks. Each of the girls we selected come from a strong sports background. Several of the girls have ju-jitsu and muay-thai training, there’s a wrestler, a division one volleyball player, a competitive bodybuilder, a state champion swimmer, a football player and a gymnast.”

Donnelly and his crew traveled to Las Vegas recently to shoot the first event (they will be shooting 4 a year) and were amazed at the number of girls who wanted to fight. Most are lingerie and swimsuit models but the cast also includes current Lingerie Football League star Michelle Blanchard [0-0] (who boasts on the show that she’s the world’s first two sport lingerie athlete), a snake charmer named Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0] and pro wrestler Brady Roberts.

The PG-rated program is being produced directly for the lucrative PPV and VOD market and bills itself as ‘MMA like you’ve never seen it before!’ That might be an understatement.

The concept has proven very popular on-line. It took less than a month for the LFC to become the third most popular mma league on FaceBook at

Donnelly describes the show as ‘a soap opera for men’ as cameras follow the girls through their training, their relationships and finally into the cage. League president Roni Taylor boasts, “LFC has it all. Drama. Bloody fights. And really hot girls rolling around in lingerie. What’s not to love?”

The league’s official web-site is and features fighter profiles, stats, articles, videos and much more. The first event, ‘Lingerie Fighting Championships: Lace vs Leather’ will be available in April on pay-per-view and anytime after that on video-on-demand. Check your local cable provider for availability.