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Comparing Jenny Valentine [0-0] to her opponent Crystal White [0-0], the height difference does stand out, but their weights are nearly identical. Some fighters are intimidated when there is an insurmountable size difference – not Jenny! She has the natural strength to narrow any disadvantage, bringing the other fighter down to her level. Valentine relies heavily on her strength and uses it to get out of trouble and occasionally overdoing it, often creating a mess that officials have to sort out.

White will have to use her ‘lethal legs’ in this fight, knowing that she has to wear Jenny down from the get-go. It is easy to make pre-fight plans and imagine how things will play out, but it is harder to see it through once fists start to fly and emotions take over. White will no doubt have plenty to contend with against a very game Valentine, but she is a veteran who has her eyes set on winning LFC hardware and will do so at all costs. This is where title shots develop – in the trenches – against the best of the best.

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