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After losing her composure and momentarily stepping away from her game plan at LFC31 [0-0] – against a relentless Veronica Payne [0-0]Jenny Valentine [0-0] is back and hopes to regain the momentum she worked so hard to create. Waiting to try her hand at defeating the great Valentine is Mia Annabella [0-0]. Hailing from Miami, Florida, Mia is known for her fighting spirit and powerful thighs. Like Jenny, Mia is also a session wrestler with fans ready to declare that she has more than what it takes to make it against the ladies of LFC.

The third match of the night offers a volatile mix of strength and tenacity, showcasing two powerful physiques. Will one fighter succumb to another implosion, or will the newcomer surprise the fans? Anything goes when fighters with the monikers ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Bloody’ take center stage. The officials – with plenty of time to prepare for the unpredictable – will have a lot of explaining to do if or when this one gets out of hand.

LFC32: Black & Blue Streaming Live on LingerieFC.com

Thursday August 12, 2021 6pm MT / 8pm ET

$24.99 for All 3 Events or Free for VIP Members

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