Who Ya Got: Brooke Gilley or Shelby Paris?

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Brooke 'The Guillotine' Gilley (2-1) made the most of her debut at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally last year. Under the burden of a hot summer day, a dominant Gilley dismantled a game but outgunned Suzy 'Stiletto' Quinn (0-1) with a brutal guillotine choke that left Quinn battered and bloody. Her next foe is Shelby 'The Panther' Paris (0-3), who first showed up at LFC31: Booty Camp 2 against the formidable and unforgiving European Champion Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (24-7-1). LFC fans will easily pardon her submission loss against an elite fighter, writing it off as a case of too-much-too-soon.

Shelby gets the closest thing to a do-over and needs to take advantage of the opportunity. Based on Gilley’s bullying demeanor, Paris needs to find a way to impose her will early and often. This match will develop quickly and prove extremely difficult for the fighter who makes the first mistake.

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