Who You Got: Lauren Fogle or Bella Ink?

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An Exclusive Fight Preview by A.C. Mann.

The pairing of Lauren 'The Animal' Fogle (6-4) and Bella Ink (2-3) is interesting for a few reasons. Both fighters have never gone the distance, neither of them can afford to lose, and each fighter does not mind a fast, brutal pace. More importantly, Bella just had a baby!

Lauren – perhaps unfairly – is known for dispatching of lesser fighters, but coming up short against elite competition.

Lauren, while having had her issues, is still a capable and dangerous opponent. ‘The Animal’ needs to stay focused here. Any lapses in concentration or commitment will not bode well for her and a loss will surely stall her momentum.

Bella poses a dilemma for any fighter. With an even record, Bella has taken on some good fighters, and has shown that she is capable of rising to the top in the most controversial league in MMA. Will motherhood affect her mentally and or physically? She is tough enough to find that out herself.

Ink, in her LFC debut, found herself pitted against the European Champion and resident trash talker, Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (21-6-1). She tried her best, remaining undaunted by the moment, but succumbed to ‘The Valkyrie’ in round two via a must-see inverted triangle choke.

A month later, she tasted victory by defeating the enigmatic Jenevieve 'The Sorceress' Hexxx (5-3) by submission. Bella went on to trade victories, on back-to-back nights, with the difficult Agatha 'Cannibal' Carter (1-2). Despite the threat of cannibalism, Bella looked comfortable and ready to move up the LFC ladder.

A win here will undoubtedly earn her some prestige. These two are definitely on a collision course that will change the trajectory of their LFC careers. One fighter must stand her ground and and not take a step back, while the other is looking to break through.

Lauren was kind enough to answer a few questions:


Are you motivated to get back into fighting?


Super excited to get back in the cage or ring, whatever we are fighting in this time.


Any thoughts on your opponent, Bella Ink?


I have wanted to roll around with her from the moment I first saw her, ha!


Teri London is on the card. Will you two try to outdo each other as far as entrances go?


I am in competition with no one. I am going to do me, no matter what. I don’t waste my time worrying about what others are doing!


If you can make it past Bella, is there anyone in the LFC you want to fight?


I want a challenge, that’s all. Jessie 'El Toro' Santos (12-4) and I had great chemistry, though.