Chapter two of the LFC’s six events in Vegas is happening at the Neonpolis on May 24. The opening show last month (in spite of a few disqualifications) delivered on the hype. The booty camp rookies demonstrated their undeniable talents; a worthy fighter earned a newly created title of Booty Camp Champ; a beloved coach, Leon Hater, is, for the moment, a villain for his post-fight antics. Did the most fractious fighter in the LFC, Shelly DaSilva [0-0], transfer some of her off-putting energy to her coach?

The card for LFC27 [0-0], only available to VIP members in HD live stream, features a varied and stacked line-up. There are new faces, familiar faces, and even returning faces. There is an endless supply of firepower dispersed through the five matches. The action will come quick, resounding with punches, kicks, intricate holds, and the rawness of pure competition.

As usual, the LFC, in a nod to good sportsmanship and good will, is staging an after show event, highlighted by the band Good Charlotte. Come and celebrate with the Madden brothers, and with the winners and losers of the night.

Fight Preview

Bout #1: Fogle vs. Bae: Into the Wild

The first match of the night has an unfair feel to it. The veteran, Lauren Fogle [0-0], welcomes the rookie, Gypsy Bae [0-0] into the cage. Are the promoters sure they want to release an inexperienced fighter into the wild? Lauren’s trademark is to growl/roar like an untamed animal, looking to prey on the weak. Intimidation is the focal point of Fogle’s game; she needs to have the edge in that department, and the only way to beat her is to look past her histrionics and stand firm. Her brawling style will either bully an opponent or provoke them to fight back. Regardless of who has top position, the fight will be over quickly.

Bae, at 5’1″ and 110 pounds, is bringing years of experience in Taekwondo into the ring. She will need to bring with her some fire power, if she does not want to find herself victimized/brutalized by a tough competitor who only knows how to fight one way. If Bae can keep the fight standing, blocking Fogle’s potent assault, she may take the fight past all 3 rounds and into unfamiliar territory for Fogle, literally taking ‘The Animal’ off of her hunting grounds. If Bae is unsuccessful, then it is a typical Fogle finale.

Bout #2: Hexxx vs. Ink: A Look Into the Future

In the second slot, we have a returning fighter, Jenevieve Hexxx [0-0], who has not been seen since LFC20 [0-0]. She is stepping into the cage with a brash rookie, Bella Ink [0-0]. Jenevieve has compiled an impressive record in the LFC; her two losses were against the now ex-champion, Feather Hadden [0-0], and the undefeated Cali Cat [0-0]. Her method of fighting was to use her Psychic abilities to guess what her opponents would do. When it failed, things got ugly rather quickly. She has since upgraded to an MMA style of fighting. Still, ‘The Sorceress’ will have to call on her mojo to rid herself of any ring rust, as she looks to recapture some of her past glory.

Bella Ink made her debut at LFC26 [0-0] a memorable one against the European champion, Jolene Hexx [0-0]. Ink charged out with disregard for the champion and took the fight to her opponent via quick, aggressive leg strikes. A concerted effort from Hexx submitted the impudent rookie, but Ink had already positioned herself for a call back. She will have her chance at LFC27 [0-0] in a match-up that is full of the unknown. How will the rookie bounce back? I think Bella learned a lot in her defeat; look for her to give the ‘Sorceress’ some serious trouble.

Bout #3: Tajima vs. Valentine: Overpowering

Tomiko Tajima [0-0], still smarting from a fight she thought she won at LFC26 [0-0] against Shelly DaSilva [0-0], is taking her opponent, Jenny Valentine [0-0], very seriously. She says, “I feel very ready. She looks very strong, so I have been lifting a bit heavier with my weight training to try and get a little more muscle power.” A power battle with Valentine is easy to imagine. When asked about her first experience with the LFC, she was quick to answer and said, “My experience was fantastic. It was exciting to perform in front of an audience. I loved the support I got from the crowd and was happy to see that they saw me as the winner. I thought I won too and was disappointing to not get the win.” Her next fight is coming up quick, but she remains undaunted. “I want a win so bad. I feel like I need to represent older women and be a role model for other women my age. I want to show them that age is just a number, and it is possible to win competing against younger women. I want to be an inspiration.” I think what most fans want is to see which fighter takes the other for an airplane spin and subsequent drop that could leave one unconscious.

After a lackluster start to her LFC run, Valentine finally found her way into the win column with a convincing victory over a very game Jessica Vattiera [0-0] at LFC26 [0-0]. Both her fans and detractors can agree that it was a long time coming. It happened and a new path in the LFC is there for the taking. This Pittsburgh native does not need extra incentive to set the pace in the ring; it is in her nature to force matters quickly. The fact that two power houses will collide makes this match hard to miss. Most observers will be able to see from the opening that it won’t go the distance. The brute force of the meet-up will leave one, or maybe both of them, gassed and searching for a quick exit.

Bout #4: Hexx vs. Garcia: Champagne Divas

What do you get when you match a former champion, Monica Garcia [0-0], and the current European champion, Jolene Hexx [0-0]? a dream battle! Yes, Monica is now without a title and on a two-fight losing streak, but she is still an elite performer driven by the need to redeem herself. Monica seemed out of sorts at LFC 26 against Allie Parks [0-0], in a losing effort that looked halfhearted. She gets a generous pass because this was her first fight since losing the title, but her reputation as a bruiser is on the line here. Monica needs to come in focused and finish with the W by imposing her will on someone who will not make it easy.

Jolene is not just a champion, she is one of the primary faces of the league. The ‘Valkyrie’ bolsters her winning style by merely transitioning into “whatever it takes” mode. However, she is aware that she needs to get out of the habit of starting slow. She told Michael Larkin of the “Steve and Mike Show” that the title, which she will hold on to for dear life, has made her over-confident. She goes on to say that although she does respond with aggression to the offense of her opponents, she has not come into the ring looking blood like in the past, especially against Andreea Vladoi [0-0]. Sooner or later that is going to catch up with her, and Monica is there, with bad intentions.

An interesting aspect is that before management booked this fight, Jolene actually listed Garcia as one the fighters she really wants to match-up with. The promoters have granted her that wish. If Garcia feels the same way, fans are in for an unforgettable slug-fest. Also, both women are fond of champagne, making me wonder who will be the one to taste the sweet nectar of victory at the after party?

Main Event: Cardinal vs. Forbes: A Taste for MMA

The main event of the night features a returning fighter in Sheila Cardinal [0-0] vs. a new but formidable member of the league, Katie Forbes [0-0]. Cardinal has not fought since LFC21 [0-0]. This wrestler’s resume is impressive as is her cage acumen. Her match and victory against Shelly DaSilva [0-0] is a testament to the warrior that resides inside of her. Both Sheila and Shelly are tireless in the octagon and will do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand. What is the reward for coming back to the LFC? A match against a rising star in the pro-wrestling world.

Fighting out of Atlanta, Forbes displays an impressive physique, standing 5’7″ and weighing 165 pounds. This two-time world champion has competed in more than a few leagues, honing her skills along the way. It is no secret that she has a taste for MMA and the prestige that comes with sliding into that cage. It is at the Booty Camp system, in Topeka, where she has registered a 12-8 record. Her repertoire of moves includes the clapback, the acrylic assault, and the ominous sounding banzai drop. Imagine if she can shuffle through all three of them against Sheila? What a main event this will be.