Great job to all the fighters who came to throw down. Thank you to the coaches, cast and crew who made this event possible. And a big congrats to Allie Parks [0-0] for taking home the LFC26 [0-0] Booty Camp Champ Championship Chain! ??

Bout #1: Vattierra vs. Valentine

Jessica Vattierra [0-0], the first of four Booty Camp rookies on the card, came into to the ring full of confidence, unfazed by a powerful opponent, Jenny Valentine [0-0]. Jessica herself exhibited a strong physique, perhaps that made her fearless. The first round saw a seemingly rushed Valentine trying to work a few unsuccessful submission holds; she landed an illegal punch to the face late in the round and was given a warning. Vattiera impressed with her ability to withstand the onslaught; round two was more of the same, and the odds of surviving numerous submission attempts, along with an unrelenting Valentine, finally wore her down. A guillotine choke dismissed the rookie, giving Valentine her first ever win in the LFC. The back and forth continued after Valentine raised her arm as the winner; Vattiera eventually needed security to escort her out of the cage.

Bout #2: London vs. Repp

Teri London [0-0] entered the ring favoring her right leg. It was uncomfortable watching her use the cage for support; obviously she was not in competitive shape. Jenn Repp [0-0] came into the cage looking very fit and powerful in contrast with the injured London. Was Teri going to take a quick beating/loss at the hands of a fighter who appeared ready to take advantage of the momentum that catapulted her into the ring after she stole the show at LFC 25 with her quick thinking, coming to the aid of Monica Garcia [0-0]? Was a merciful halt in the works by the referee before the fight even started. Fortunately, the latter outcome saved the day for London. Repp's first victory seemed gifted to her, while Teri limped out of the ring to the relief of the fans.

Bout #3: Tajima vs. DaSilva

A blonde Shelly 'Aphrodite' DaSilva [0-0] and newcomer Tomiko 'The Temptress' Tajima [0-0] respectfully stared at each other before the introductions, but that bit of decorum was not going to last very long. The first round was grueling; Tajima's mid-section spent a good part of it wrapped between Shelly's legs. The rookie showed staying power and impudently hoisted DaSilva on her shoulders and spun her around six or seven times before dropping her to the mat. Round two was more the same; the fight stayed in close and the struggle was clear. The last round did not really settle anything. DaSilva earned a decision win, but no one would have faulted the judges for giving the nod to Tajima. A heated scuffle at the end, which included the security guards, left fans wanting a rematch right away.

Bout #4: Ink vs. Hexx

Krav Maga specialist, and reigning European Champion, Jolene Hexx [0-0], may have thought that her opponent, Bella Ink [0-0], copied her style of fighting. The rookie boxer came with everything, including untimely wardrobe issues. Jolene, strangely enough, looked comfortable in surrendering ground to Ink, much like she did with C.J. Kellerman [0-0] at LFC25 [0-0]; however, just as in the match against Kellerman, once round two started, the fight was well on its way to being over. A nasty leg choke, coupled with a prolonged wardrobe malfunction, submitted the fury of earlier. This outcome should not diminish Ink's MMA future because she looks more than capable of doing well in this league.

Main Event: Parks vs. Garcia

The main event, between Allie Parks [0-0] and Monica Garcia [0-0], offered the angle of veteran vs. veteran, of former champion vs. an always worthy contender. The now title-less Garcia, showing off a more glamorous persona, failed to intimidate a determined Parks. Parks, who obviously had a game plan that included constant pressure, pushed around the former champion as if she were a rookie. Monica showed glimpses of her power game in the second round, but using her weight to smother her adversary was not enough. This fight, for the Booty Camp Championship, was going to the decisive third round. The black team chanted her name in an attempt to will her to a win, but in spite of late rally that included hard shots to the body, Monica suffered a split decision loss. Parks wore the applause and the new title well. She deserved this.