Returning to the LFC, after a 2 fight suspension, is Shelly 'Aphrodite' DaSilva (9-7). In a match-up of wrestling styles, she is taking on the ever-improving Allie 'Babydoll' Parks (17-9) at LFC 25 in Las Vegas. This is a very interesting fight that will test the competitive limits of both fighters.

In DaSilva, we have the return of a proud and accomplished fighter. She brings a 7-7 record into the fight and is looking to finally have some success in the LFC. She found herself outweighed in all three of her previous matches, but has shown the heart of a true warrior.

DaSilva facing off against Sheila ‘Crash’ Cardinal

Her first match, at LFC 20, against Sheila 'Crash' Cardinal (9-10). It seemed personal from the start and ended up having the feel of a ‘to be continued’ affair. DaSilva lost a close battle, which in my opinion, was decided in the closing minute. Cardinal was able to slam her opponent at will which convinced the judges for a decision.

In her next bout, DaSilva fought against Roxy 'Roundhouse' Michaels (10-3), who is well poised and fearless in the cage. This fight had 1 point deductions for both fighters in the first round (the result of dirty tactics by both parties). It was back and forth for the most part, and DaSilva had her chance to finish Michaels via an unrelenting armbar in round 2, but was unsuccessful. Michaels ended up taking a split decision that seemed unfair to DaSilva, who to some observers thought she should of won.

DaSilva defending a leg lock against Audrey ‘Mongoose’ Monique

There is no apologizing for DaSilva’s actions at LFC 22, which resulted in her being disqualified against Audrey 'The Mongoose' Monique (2-1) and suspended for 2 events (LFC23 & LFC24). After a solid first round, with less than a minute to go, DaSilva inexplicably bit Monique in the eye. The referee halted the match, but this only enraged DaSilva, causing her to deliver an illegal kick. She has not been seen in the LFC since… until now, that is. Perhaps it is the image of her being escorted out of the cage which is fueling her return to MMA. A wrestler of her caliber owes it to her loyal fans to make amends for the disqualification.

DaSilva’s chances at Sam’s Town hinge on whether she can contain her volatile temper from dictating the outcome of the fight. She needs to follow the advice of her corner and give that ‘non-stop’ effort in the hopes that her opponent will succumb to the pressure. Will she have the conditioning from all the cage rust? Being that she is a professional, I don’t think it will be an issue. Parks will outweigh her, but DaSilva’s larger than life persona should not suffer for that.

Parks faces off against Jessie ‘El Toro’ Santos

Allie 'Babydoll' Parks (17-9), whose record stands at 16-7, began her career in the LFC with a victory over an opponent that DaSilva knows all too well, Jessie 'El Toro' Santos (12-4). Parks was out-sized and out-muscled, yet, she was able to withstand the bull-rush from Santos in a fast paced first round and pounced until she saw an opening to deliver a fight ending guillotine choke.

Her next two fights resulted in losses, but she was in against the best competition the LFC had to offer.

The victory over Santos placed her in line for a title shot against the greatest fighter in the history of the LFC, former champion, Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden (21-1). Early on, Parks tried, but seemed flustered by the champ’s showboating. Hadden was as confident as ever and toyed with Parks most of the fight. The pace was deliberate, but Hadden’s violent intentions were clear and on point. Allie did have brief flashes that showed her potential, but it was not enough. The referee stopped the fight due to unanswered blows. There is no shame in losing to Hadden.

1: How has training been going?
Training has been great! I love working with my coach at DXG, that facility is awesome and provides so many tools for us to be more well rounded athletes!2: Have you learned from previous two losses?I’ve learned a lot from my two losses, mainly to never underestimate another fighter. Once you get in the cage something clicks and people change, their emotions take over and adrenaline hits…. you never know what to expect. That’s why it’s important to study tape on your upcoming fights!3: How do you feel about opponent for LFC 25?
My opponent for LFC25 is Shelly, while Shelly is a strong competitor, I’m confident in my training and will giving give everything I have to come away with a win!

Parks delivers a hard cross to the champ Feather ‘The Hammer’ Hadden

At LFC 24, Parks was in against MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan (16-2), a dangerous fighter with plenty of LFC wins and experience. Parks joined Morgan in a fast paced first round, as both fighters comfortably moved in and out of holds. This frenetic pace may have caught up to Parks, who appeared to have lost concentration, possibly from fatigue, and was easy prey for a triangle choke. Morgan was easily the better, fitter fighter that day.

It is the two losses which I think will ultimately help Parks get better; that is, if she gained any experience from those fights. A victorious night, for Allie, depends on whether she can pivot well off those two setbacks.

#LFC 25: Showdown At Sam’s Town will be available on PPV and more than 2000 cable & satellite systems starting May 18.