LFC owner Roni Taylor held a press conference Wednesday to introduce the league’s newest addition, Cali Cat [0-0]. The Fresno native is a former gymnast, model and member of the women’s oil wrestling (W.O.W.) league.

While no one can deny she looks great in lingerie, the nearest Cat has come to a real mma fight is as a ring girl. The LFC’s last two recruits have been ring girls; first Jody Connacher [0-0] and now Cat. Critics have accused the league of putting more emphasis on how a girl looks in the cage than how she performs in it.

“That’s nonsense,” Taylor says. “Each of our fighters come from strong athletic backgrounds. Just because you’re a ring girl doesn’t mean you can’t be an athlete. Jody played 4 years of division 1 volleyball and Cali was a competitive gymnast. Look at their bodies – do you think they got those by sitting on the sofa watching TV?!”

Cali will make her LFC debut at LFC19. Fans are already calling for a match-up with Connacher. Let the battle of the ring girls begin!