Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Las Vegas will host LCF 25 on March 16 and features a bout pitting Teri London [0-0], a technical fighter from beautiful Orlando, Florida against Jenny Valentine [0-0], a wrestler and brawler from the Steel City, Pittsburgh. This fight brings in two opponents who are similar in height, but the parallels between them end there with Valentine outweighing her opponent by 30 lbs. and London being the more experienced and balanced of the two.

London, a crowd favorite, walks into the cage with a 2-2 record and coming off a first round, submission win against Violeta Sunic [0-0] at LFC 24. London is an LFC vet who has drastically improved her game from her debut at LFC 19, especially her submission skills. She is a very technical striker, with an extensive Muay Thai background. Her supreme balance and flexibility allows her to to put maximum weight behind her punches, generating an immense amount of power. She has very fast hands and her offense is similar to a Mexican boxer, in that she is always moving forward. While her ground game has improved, she struggles to adequately defend herself when an opponent takes her back. This could be an issue if not addressed during her training camp leading up to LFC 25.

Teri London [0-0] will be returning to action after an impressive win at LFC 24

Valentine, who is 0-2 and still searching for that elusive first LFC win, states that she is wrestler, but is nothing short of a brawler who’s goal from the opening bell is to make the fight messy and chaotic. She is rock hard and one of the strongest fighters in the LFC. Her tight, compact frame and impressive strength allows her to generate a lot of explosive power, whether that be on the feet or on the ground. Valentine loves to come out fast and heavy to the point that she is almost overly aggressive, but again, this is her style; smother the opponent and get them to the ground early so she can unleash her ground and pound. Despite her aggressive offense, her defense is virtually nonexistent and in her LFC career she has consistently left herself open to eating leg and body kicks, which lead to a first round TKO loss to Cali Cat [0-0] at LFC 24.

For London to walk away with a victory she must keep her head in the fight when it enviably gets wild; she will also need to start fast. In her previous fights, she’s been hesitant to engage her opponents, but she will not be afforded this luxury at “The Showdown at Sam’s Town” against a very aggressive and very game opponent. If she weathers the initial barrage from Valentine, she should be able to pick her apart with leg kicks and body shots. London wants to keep this fight on the feet where she has a distinct technical advantage.

If the fight goes past the two minute mark, Valentine must be able to fight through the initial fatigue and catch her second wind. Valentine has not had a fight leave the first round and this could raise questions about her conditioning. So, in order for Valentine to get a win she has to get in early, be ok with eating a couple shots, and then taking London down to the mat to start unloading her veracious ground and pound. Additionally, she must check the kicks that London will throw and begin timing those to look for an opening to shoot and secure a takedown. If Valentine can bring this fight to the ground, she must work to secure the back to flatten London out and look for the choke; the opportunity will be there if she is patient.

Jenny Valentine [0-0] looking to capture the elusive first win at LFC 25

This fight is a paradox in opposing forces that is sure to create chaos in the cage and will be one hell of a good time. Do not be one bit surprised if you see some blood on the mat after this fight is called. Both ladies are tough and mean and I can almost guarantee that this fight will not be left in the hands of the judges.

#LFC 25: Showdown At Sam’s Town will be available on PPV and more than 2000 cable & satellite systems starting May 18.