The Lingerie Fighting Championships made their first event in Phoenix a memorable one, selling out the University of Phoenix football stadium. It is the first time the league has held an event outdoors but you can bet it won’t be the last.

“Just a great show all around,” league owner Roni Taylor gushes. “Great venue, great crowd and great fights.” LFC 11 featured some pretty new faces as Tara Gaddy [0-0], Sara Dee [0-0] and Samiha Glam [0-0] made their debuts.

“We get dozens of girls applying every month,” Taylor says, “but we only take the best.”

The diminutive Gaddy (she is the shortest fighter in the league at just 5’1″) comes from Hershey, PA and says she got hooked on fighting while taking a self-defense class. There was nothing defensive about Gaddy as she beat the still winless Lacey “Wild One” Watts in a first round submission that proves ‘guillotine’ is more than just a nickname.

Dee is a small town girl from Minot, ND. Taylor recruited her after seeing a photo of her highschool wrestling team. “Sara is the blonde next door. What guy doesn’t like the blonde next door?”

Dee’s suggestive nickname was picked by Taylor and seems a sore spot for her. “I don’t have double D’s so I take a lot of teasing from the other girls,” Dee says. “Especially the ones who really have them.” Taylor defends her choice, saying, “It’s all about marketing and who doesn’t love double D’s? No one, that’s who.”

Glam is a New Yorker who has long wanted to be a member of the LFC. She was turned down a year ago because, as Taylor puts it, “she just didn’t fit our mold.” Glam tipped the scales at more than 250lbs. Using the LFC as motivation, Glam embarked on a transformation and re-applied at her present 127lbs.

Taylor calls herself Glam’s biggest fan. “That girl came back looking like she does now and that’s why she’s in the LFC. That’s why.” Glam and Dee fought in the opening bout of the night and Glam took a unanimous decision from the judges. Both girls could use a little more training.

Suzanne Nakata [0-0] won her second straight bout since returning to the league by knocking out Pamela “Hurricane” Harris in the second round.

Helen Mei [0-0] improved to 2-0 after a first round victory over Marianne “Rolling” Stone. The 5’10” brawler has won both her fights by employing her signature booby trap submission in which she smothers her opponent with her 34F bosom. It may not technically be legal but it got a big reaction from the sold out crowd.