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Two masked warriors — La Scorpia [0-0] and Vulcana [0-0] — will enter the ring for some high-flying Lucha Libre wrestling action. Vulcana is excited to show LFC fans what she is capable of, bringing a mix of wrestling and Muay Thai with her. This native of East Los Angeles has a competitive streak and will not back down to any competition. She has fought against Salina de la Renta [0-0] in the past and wants another crack at the Booty Camp Champ. One feature of her wrestling style is that she creates some very interesting submission holds, potentially catching some unexpected LFC vets by surprise.

One wrestler that Vulcana will not catch by surprise is the experienced La Scorpia, as she too is more than proficient in the art of Lucha Libre and has taught the wrestling style to others. Another native of California, La Scorpia is more than familiar with Vulcana, setting up a showdown between two fighters who know what makes the other tick. This one may end in a submission, or it may take the action to the final bell. Either way, it is a must-see spectacle showcasing the high-flying world of Lucha Libra and highlighting the uniqueness of LFC.