The LFC has always been about two teams competing for supremacy: the Pink Team vs. the Black Team. The league had a very simple setup that worked seamlessly, leaving no doubt who’s team fans were on. But things are about to change. With so many new faces and prodigious talents streaming into the LFC, creating another team was the obvious course of action for management.

The Blue Team will be making their first appearance at Sturgis, vying for the attention and loyalty of fans. In order to legitimize the new squad, a marquee fighter from the Pink Team answered the call. Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (18-10) has been named team captain filling the first spot, bringing her reputation as a fearless warrior with her. Joining Mazzato is veteran MMA star Kyra 'Mogwai' Batara (10-5), the formidable newcomer Crystal White (3-1), fan favorite Daisy 'Doomsday' Ducati (0-3), and the exciting rookies Mia 'Mayhem' Annabella (1-2) and Mai 'Death Proof' Richards (1-1).

LFC Prez Holly 'The Lotus' Mei (18-5) shocked everyone by naming Audrey 'The Mongoose' Monique (1-2) as the interim coach of the Blue Team. After attacking her former coach Leon Hater at LFC31: Booty Camp 2, most insiders expected Monique to receive a lengthy suspension. Instead Mei decided to ‘punish’ Monique by making her coach the new team, hoping this will teach her some respect for the difficult job coaches have.

The Blue Team will definitely make some noise and threaten to take its share of titles along the way. The future of the LFC looks bright and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were dozens of teams in the future, one for each city.