Featured fighter MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan (16-2) has often said her toughest fight was against Holly 'The Lotus' Mei (16-5) at LFC 20: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Looking back at MaiNe Morgan’s final appearance in the LFC cage. After improving to 17-2 with a win over Allie 'Babydoll' Parks (17-8) at LFC 24: Eurobash, Morgan hung up the gloves citing creative differences with Prez Maxine 'The Boss' Frost (1-2) (ie: Frost’s refusal to give Morgan the title shot she deserved).

MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan (16-2) never getting a title shot may be the only stain on Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden's (21-1) record. A lot of pundits believe Hadden avoided Morgan when both were at the top of the LFC rankings.