Hazel ‘The Lion’ Hurricane


There is no shortage of fighters that want to join the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC). The official launch of LFC’s Fantasy Draft had a field of nine contestants who vied for a chance to enter into a drawing to win a contract with the LFC. The hopefuls brought varied levels of experience; some have been fighting for years, while others are just starting out. Those qualities, on their own, might make for interesting match-ups. A fight card, featuring just the prospects, is not that far-fetched of an idea. Of course, spots on either the pink or black team will have to be earned. The January 2018 installment offered a glimpse into potential prospects for the next generation of fighters. The backgrounds showcased talent, drive, beauty, and charisma. These aspects provided a robust start to the new league, and the new year. To say that more than one is worthy of moving on is an understatement; most merited serious consideration, but a lone winner needed to be chosen.

The fans, the real arbiters of how the LFC will be shaped, have voted. Bringing home a total of 27 votes, Hazel Hurricane [0-0] is the league’s first entrant to move on to the next round.

Hazel has compiled 32 years in the health and fitness industry. However, she is somewhat new to the world of competitive wrestling, but is proving herself a quick study. At 5’4″ and 130 pounds of pure muscle, this dynamo has built up both her body and stamina to compete against the elite fighters of the LFC. Another asset which she possesses is her flexibility, which can come to the rescue when an opponent has maneuvered a tap-ending hold. As fans of the LFC know, holds come quickly and have devastating consequences in a sport that doesn’t favor stand-up fighters.

“The Lion” has wrestled versus men and women. She feels that her competitive nature and ability to adapt to different circumstances that might arise during a match, make her a strong prospect for the LFC. An unexpected advantage that she has is her age. Hazel is 48 years old, but In her case, it is an advantage. Her years have taught her well, and the length of her dedication to health and fitness bolsters her resume.

She says that joining the LFC “would be an honor for me, to not only to be surrounded with such talented and beautiful women, but to know that we all have the same drive and passion in doing what we all love to do – wrestle.” She goes on to say, “working as a team is something I encourage since there’s nothing more powerful and uplifting than to see women challenge one another to want to do better and feel better.”

On the subject of what she feels she has given back to the industry/sport, she has been: “empowering women for 32 years in the health and fitness industry, as a personal training coach, as well as a fitness coach.” Hazel definitely sounds like a team player; although, if chosen by the black team, things might get tricky.

I have seen some of her matches and am impressed by her skills, and I am able to say that she certainly has the potential to do well if chosen for the LFC. The fact that she has not yet wrestled in the octagon should not be seen as a hindrance to success. There is enough training and insight offered to her by the coaching staff at the LFC to make up for her inexperience.

So, Hazel, raise your hand high after this victory, as you await a possible selection into the LFC. Congratulations, you are one step closer!

This first contest is just the beginning; there are more spots to fill with great fighters as we move along. To all the interested ladies out there, don’t forget to register for February’s battle. The great fans of the LFC will give you their full support!

You can follow Hazel on social media at:

Twitter @HazelWrestler
instagram @hazel_wrestler


Hazel ‘The Lion’ Hurricane
Hazel ‘The Lion’ Hurricane
Hazel ‘The Lion’ Hurricane