Kris_Blackwell-199x300Tell Kris Blackwell [0-0] she can’t do something and you’re likely to get a steely stare before she knocks you on your ass on her way to doing it. That was the case in High School when she was told she couldn’t try out for the football team. Over the objections of nearly everyone she not only tried out but made the team. She ended up playing both sides of the ball (cornerback on defence and offensive line) and even kicked for the team.”There were a lot of people eating crow that year,” she recalls.

Fitting then that her MMA nickname is ‘The Raven’. When she debuts with the Lingerie Fighting Championships there may be some who doubt a 34 year old mom can have success in the cage. But those who have watched her train know better.

“She can punch through a brick wall,” LFC trainer Johnny Struxion says. “I work with a lot of experienced male fighters and she punches harder than half of them. I’m not kidding. Her kicks are rock solid too. We just need to firm up her ground game and then watch out.”

While she trains for LFC20 in May against an as-yet-unannounced opponent, Blackwell knows there will be those who criticize her for joining the sexy MMA league but she is unapologetic. “I don’t see anything wrong with looking good. When I researched the league I thought the girls looked great – healthy and strong – and that’s something I’ve always aspired to myself.”

When asked if she’d let her 17 year old son watch, she is thoughtful. “It’s a PG-rated show so I don’t suppose I can stop him. But I wouldn’t want him to watch if I lost. Definitely not.”