Flashback to August 2016 at LFC 21 – a young, brash Serina Kyle [0-0], full of confidence, stared across the cage at a calm, focused Danielle St. Pierre [0-0]. Unfazed by her dangerous Canadian opponent, Serina brazenly ignored Danielle’s cold stare and instead turned to the crowd, trying to pump them up. Even before the opening bell, it was obvious that Serina didn’t view Danielle as a threat. During round one, Serina even slapped Danielle on the rear end after a clinch, and even taunted her at times. Her high energy approach seemed to frustrate Danielle, who was unable to answer any of Serina’s attacks.

A takedown by Serina seemed to ignite a fire under Danielle, who got two quick takedowns of her own and started to dominate with grappling and cage control. Still, the young Serina refused to be pinned down, getting out of Danielle’s guard time and time again. Early in round two, Danielle continued her focused attack, scoring yet another takedown. Just when it looked like she finally started to figure out the scrappy Serina, “Honey Punch” struck with a picture perfect armbar which led to a tap. Serina was victorious with a 2nd round submission.

Almost two years have passed since then, and Danielle hasn’t forgotten about what might have been. Had she not been caught with that armbar, she could have continued to score takedowns and use her cage control and grappling to grind out a win. But it wasn’t to be. All her work, all her blood, sweat, and tears training was for naught as the cocky Serina came away with the win. She hasn’t been able to get away from that night. Serina has even moved to Canada recently near where Danielle lives, almost to taunt her even more.

Finally, at LFC 25 on March 16th in Las Vegas at Sam’s Town, Danielle gets her chance at redemption – and more importantly, revenge. She’s waited for almost two years for this night, and her determination and focus has been fuelled by the memories of LFC 21. But for Serina, she’s gotten stronger, faster, and better. She’s a young gun that’s looking to shoot down the Canadian from the West once again.

Their first encounter at LFC 21 where Serina won by armbar in the 2nd round:

I caught up with both fighters to find out a bit more about them, and get their thoughts on what could very well be the fight of the night on March 16:

My interview with Serina:

CFR: Who is the female fighter you admire the most, and why?
Serina: The female fighter I admire most is Cali Cat (Serina’s fellow LFC fighter). She’s come the farthest professionally since she started.

CFR: In your last fight with Danielle, she got three takedowns. What’s your plan to prevent multiple takedowns at LFC 25?
Serina: I’ve been doing a lot of weight training since my last fight with Danielle. I believe it will give me an advantage on her for takedowns this time around.

CFR: Last time you fought Danielle, you won by armbar – how do you envision the rematch at LFC 25 ending?
Serina: Last fight I beat her in an arm bar and this fight I would like another submission. There is no more powerful feeling than when you make someone submit. I know that’s probably kind of messed up to say but it’s true!

CFR: You’ve recently moved to Canada – what would happen if you met Danielle on the street or at the gym?
Serina: If I ever met Danielle at the gym or on the street I think she would avoid me if she saw me first because she knows I’m alpha dog. But if I saw her first I would give her the cool smirk that comes from knowing you’ve already proved you’re better than she is -Truth hurts.

CFR: If you could say one thing to Danielle about your upcoming fight with her, what would it be?
Serina: If I could say one thing to Danielle about our upcoming fight it’s that she’d better put on a couple pounds to make sure she’s up so it cardio-wise, because if I get my hands on her she’s done for.

My interview with Danielle:

CFR: How has your fight game changed since you fought Serina at LFC 21?
Danielle: I have expanded my training a lot since my first fight with Serina. I have a strong back ground in Jiu-Jitsu but I have also started doing more boxing and Muay Thai to become a more well-rounded fighter. I also have much more confidence now that I’ve been in the cage a few times.

CFR: Other than yourself, who is the female fighter you admire the most, and why?
Danielle: In our league, Andreea (Danielle’s fellow LFC fighter Andreea “The Storm” Vladoi) has to be my idol. She is feisty and has so much determination.  I love her dedication to the sport.

CFR: How do you feel about Serina’s cocky attitude, such as her slapping you on the rear end in the first round of your last fight?
Danielle: I think Serina looks at this as a joke. She doesn’t take it seriously and that’s what’s going to cost her the fight. We have all seen many fighters get too cocky and overconfident in their abilities; they start to play around and lose focus. If that’s the kind of fighter she wants to be, that’s up to her. I don’t think I’m a better fighter than anyone. Every time I step in the cage, I fight with everything I have because the reality is, any one of these girls could beat me if I let me guard down.

CFR: How do you envision this fight ending?
Danielle: I’m going to submit her. Plain and simple.

CFR: If you could say one thing to Serina ahead of your fight, what would it be?
Danielle: I would wish her luck. I love a good fight and this is going to be a good one.

Both fighters can’t wait to step into the cage again, ready to destroy each other. This fight already has bad blood, and it will only increase in the coming days. We’re bound to see an exciting fight with an explosive finish. Be sure to see LFC 25 “live” in Las Vegas, or watch online. And when it’s time for this fight – DON’T BLINK.

#LFC 25: Showdown At Sam’s Town will be available on PPV and more than 2000 cable & satellite systems starting May 18.