Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez

Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez

Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez - Lingerie Fighting Championships

Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez

Height: 5'2"/157 cm
Weight: 135 lbs/61 kg
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA USA

Natasha, who worked as a model in her native Mexico, is the first ever LFC draft pick selected by Coach Joel Kane to join his team at LFC 21. Natasha moved to Sacramento with her family, where she met LFC referee Cezar Lascano who referred her to the league. This grappler chose her nickname because of a tense, childhood encounter with a rattlesnake that ended in a draw!

The 'Rattlesnake' prefers to have control and fights with plenty of heart, especially when facing larger opponents. She is at home when having to grind out every detail of a match and is able to avoid trouble by battling through it with quick thinking and determination. Natasha is a tough competitor who takes her cage-work very seriously.

Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez WMMA Record

WinRochelle 'Rampage' Rodgers
LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures
July 8, 2017
Ankle Lock22:55
LossJulie 'Squeeze' Ginther
LFC 22: Costume Brawl
January 13, 2017
Unanimous Decision3
LossJessie 'El Toro' Santos
LFC 21: Naughty 'n Nice
August 12, 2016
Split Decision3

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