Maya 'Hellfire' Veljkovic - LFC

Maya 'Hellfire' Veljkovic

Height: 5'2"/157 cm
Weight: 103 lbs/47 kg
Birthplace: Rijeka, Croatia
Maya is known for her ultra flexible, rubber-like body that has been developed over many years as a go-go dancer, belly dancer, and performance artist. Fans should not forget that Maya's LFC 24 opponent MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan came to us as a former go-go dancer who had immense success in the LFC. Maya adds an odd mix of danger and fun, but she does know how to fight. Her nickname is a tribute to her love of heavy-metal music.

She made her professional debut at LFC 24, when she stepped into the cage as a last-minute replacement. Maya even had to borrow some lingerie for her fight! The Croatian showed she is an explosive fighter who, despite her lack of experience, looked great in her debut. She will definitely benefit from more training and the wisdom of a good coach.

Maya 'Hellfire' Veljkovic MMA Record

LossLauren 'The Animal' Fogle
LFC 24: Eurobash
Oct 10, 2017
Stream Online
Arm Triangle10:50

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